Cool You Brand Story- Creating The Perfect Internal Air Con Unit

Cool You’s Brand Story – Creating The Perfect Fully Internal Air Con Units

In today’s blog post our brilliant Founder Julian Peyser tells us how he started Cool You UK and why we wanted to market internal air-con units.

Eleven years ago, Julian and his wife decided to buy an apartment in the town centre. They wanted air conditioning but were told they weren’t allowed a conventional system with an outside condenser.

After researching, Julian found an internal air conditioning solution that was an early form of what Cool You does today. This inspired him to start Cool You and start marketing internal air-con units.

Fast forward to today, and Cool You UK has a team of dedicated specialists and young engineers, all based in London, who are led by Savva, our Managing Director. We also have a team of engineers supporting us in Italy who are developing and manufacturing specialist internal air con units for London apartments.

We are indeed the experts in supplying solutions for apartment owners in London who need a completely internal air conditioning solution.

So if you are looking for an internal air conditioning solution, look around our website or call us on 0207 043 2275. Or, feel free to email us at…we love hearing from you!