Water cooled air conditioner vs air cooled

Honesty and transparency with Cool You

The Cool You water-cooled internal air conditioning solution is a state-of-the-art air conditioning system that has been specifically designed for buildings where a traditional air conditioning system cannot be installed.

When comparing water-cooled air conditioner vs air-cooled systems, the Cool You solution is not necessarily better, it just works in a different way.

This allows it to be installed in properties where an outside condenser is not possible.

However, due to the specialisation of water-cooled systems, they are more expensive to buy, install and run than traditional systems.

At Cool You we are honest and upfront about this. If during the site survey, we discover that a traditional system can be installed we will always recommend that you go down this route.

With traditional air conditioning solutions, customers have a much wider choice of systems to choose from.

They also cost less upfront and running costs will be reduced. For these reasons we promise to NEVER recommend our internal condensing system over a conventional solution if it can be installed.



Water-cooled air conditioner vs air-cooled systems

Water-cooled air conditioners are quite new to the market so there is some confusion about what water-cooled solutions actually are and how they compare to conventional air-cooled systems.

Essentially they are the same thing – they both cool air in exactly the same way.

The difference lies with the condensing unit. A conventional air conditioning system uses an external condenser, which is typically fitted on the roof, in a back garden or on an external wall.

This can lead to problems if you live in a conservation area, a block of flats or a listed building. In such cases planning permission will be difficult to achieve and you will have to look at an alternative solution.

With a water-cooled system, the condenser is contained inside the property.

This makes water-cooled systems ideal for retrofitting in existing properties or listed buildings where an outside condenser would not be permitted.

From an end user’s perspective, there is no difference between the two systems.

They can both be fitted with wall mounted units or ducts, they can both be programmed to maintain the desired room temperature and both systems cool the room efficiently, even during prolonged periods of humidity.

How water-cooled systems work

All air conditioning systems use a central condenser, which acts as a heat exchanger to cool down and condense incoming water vapour into liquid.

The heat exchanger needs to dissipate heat during this process, which requires cooling of some sort.

Conventional air-cooled systems use fans to cool the condenser. This means that they must be located outside in free-flowing air.

Locating the condenser inside will not allow enough air to circulate, causing the system to overheat.

An overheating condenser is a fire risk, so proper consideration must be taken when placing the unit.

With a water-cooled system, the condenser is cooled by cold water from your mains water supply.

The unit is plumbed directly into your water supply in the same way as your washing machine.

Clean water is brought in to cool the system and wastewater is removed down the drain.

This method of cooling is effective and safe, but it is more expensive to run than a conventional split system.

For this reason, water-cooled systems are only recommended for homes when there is no other viable alternative.

What makes the Cool You system unique?

The Cool You system is designed from the ground up for domestic environments. It uses a modular approach, similar to a conventional air conditioning system.

This makes the system much more cost-effective for domestic use and allows it to be installed quickly with limited disruption.

With the Cool You fully internal solution you also have the choice of cooling a single room or an entire house.

The ducts can be discreetly concealed in the walls or ceiling, just like a conventional air conditioning system, and installation is carried out by our specialist F-gas registered engineers.

The system has been specifically designed for apartment buildings where an external condenser box is not allowed.

The condenser and compressor are contained in a single compact unit that is almost silent in operation.

No outside vents are required and no planning permission is needed unless you live in a Grade I listed property where internal modifications are restricted.

The condensing unit is designed to be completely self-contained and comes with a number of safety features built-in that prevent it from overheating.

The system is also easy to operate and comes with a remote control allowing you to control the unit from any room in your home.

When to choose Cool You?

Ultimately the decision about contained water-cooled air conditioners vs air-cooled systems comes down to one thing.

Are you able to install an external condenser? If the answer is yes, then a traditional air conditioning solution is for you.

However, if you are not able to install an external condenser on your property, then water-cooled is your only option.

If you live in a listed property or apartment, the Cool You solution provides the best value for money and has the lowest running costs compared to other water-cooled systems on the market.

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