Air conditioning Units Without an Outside Unit

At Cool You UK, we specialise in the supply and installation of innovative air conditioning systems which allow a property to be air conditioned without the need for an outside condenser unit.

Whilst you may have been informed elsewhere that your property cannot be air conditioned, we are here to show you different with our innovative systems which are installed completely internally within the property. This means they do not require a condenser to be fitted to the exterior of the property, nor do they require exterior modifications.

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For many years we have been air conditioning our clients’ properties without having to use any form of outdoor condenser unit.

Whether you live in a new apartment development, a Grade II listed building or even a property with limited exterior space, we 100% guarantee we will have an air conditioning solution for you.

We have two innovative types of air conditioning systems without an outside unit available, the solution that is right for you will depend on the type of property you wish to air condition and your budget.

Water Cooled Air Conditioning

Our water cooled internal condenser air conditioning systems will make an ideal solution for your property if you have no outside access or you are prohibited from drilling through your walls to add exterior vents, as everything is contained within the property you are air conditioning.

The solution we most frequently install in both Grade II listed properties and contemporary properties, this is the air conditioning solution you have been looking for if you have previously been told you cannot have it.

Whilst this type of air conditioning does not require an outside condenser unit, it instead utilises a specially designed internal condenser unit which utilises mains water in the same way that a washing machine or dishwasher does. Using this water in a very controlled manner to take the heat away, the condenser only utilises water when there is a cooling demand from the room being air conditioned.

Providing very quiet operation, this is easily hidden out of sight and can be installed in any number of locations throughout your home including a kitchen cupboard, underneath a sink, in a utility room or within a ceiling void.

Unlike our through the wall air conditioning, our water-cooled air conditioning units require no holes to be drilled in the outside of your building for exterior vents.

This air conditioning solution is both an innovative and unique form of air conditioning with no outside unit.

Discussing our installations in London, Julian Peyser, Founder and MD of Cool You said: “When we are approached by a potential apartment customer, after a few questions it almost always becomes clear that our internal water cooled condenser air conditioning system, is the best and only solution, for them to achieve want they want“.

Through the Wall Air Conditioning

As the name suggests, the wall unit used within through the wall air conditioning is located on an external facing wall within the room to be air conditioned and two holes are drilled through the wall for the air inlet and outlet tubes. This can make installation quick and easy. However, we usually find that it is not a solution for apartments, Grade II listed buildings and properties in London conservation areas because of restrictions which prevent exterior modification to these types of buildings.

If you believe you can make holes to the outside of your apartment and have consulted with your managing agent, your freeholder or landlord, and this has been confirmed, then through the wall air conditioning is a possible solution for you.

If you find that you cannot make holes, and want the same quality of air conditioning, were you allowed a conventional system with an outside condenser, we have the solution with our water cooled internal condenser air conditioning systems.

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