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The Benefits of our air cooled internal air conditioning solutions

Our air cooled internal air conditioning solutions provide excellent performance, versatility and stylish room unit options. Like all our air conditioning solutions, these single and multi-split systems don’t need an outdoor unit. However, air does need to be ducted to the outside through two or four 200mm vents.

Our air cooled air conditioning solutions are ideal for multiple rooms, with individual controls for each room unit. Up to three room units can be powered by one internal air cooled condenser unit.

DC Inverter Multi Split Air Conditioning System

DC inverter technology is the latest evolution in air conditioning technology. An inverter is used to control the speed of the compressor motor, continuously regulating the room temperature. Once the system has reached your desired room temperature, it is kept constant when the external temperature changes. A DC inverter air conditioning system uses less energy consuming up to 30% less than conventional air conditioning systems.

This technology can also make the room units quieter, with lower energy cost and fewer break downs. Although these systems are initially more expensive than standard air conditioning systems, the lower energy usage and longer life will give you a pay back within a few years depending upon your usage.

AIR COOLED – Key Features

Our air cooled internal air conditioning solutions are best for houses and properties with multiple rooms where there is loft space, a basement or an attached garage to fit the internal condenser.

  • Everything is enclosed in your property
  • Ideal for fitting multiple units throughout homes
  • Low running costs
  • Exactly the same quality and energy efficient air conditioning as with mainstream units with outside condenser
  • No outside unit means no potential disturbance to neighbours
  • i-FEEL closer-to-you temperature control as standard on all DC inverter systems
  • NO OUTSIDE CONDENSERi-Feel temperature control for Cool You Uk's DC inverter air conditioning systems
  • air-conditioning-listed-buildings
  • DC Inverter Air Cooled Mono & Multi-Split Air Conditioning Systems

    • Quiet operation
    • Energy saving / high efficiency
    • Ecological R410a refrigerant
    • Compact design, making it easy to conceal within your property
    • Optimal solution for listed buildings and conservation areas
    • Efficient heating and cooling range of room units enabling
      up to 3 rooms to be climate controled from one condenser

    Supplied and installed from £4,650 + VAT per room




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