how to cool down your apartment

How to cool down your apartment in London

Living in London has its benefits. You’re close to some of the most fantastic attractions and sights in the world. The social capital of Europe is at your fingertips, and all your amenities are within easy reach. However, knowing how to cool down your apartment in the height of summer can be a struggle no one enjoys.

Today’s apartments in London come in all shapes and sizes. From tower blocks to skyscrapers. Due to the nature of these buildings, trying to keep cool (even in the winter sometimes!) is a real struggle.

Wondering about the best way to lower the temperature in your home? See the video below, where our managing director, Savva, explains the key aspects of the options available to you.

Read on for more information on Savva’s handy points below. Find out how air conditioning is a real and easy possibility for your apartment.

When the weather turns hot and sticky, there’s no need to suffer. Cool You have the solution. Here are some top tips for when it comes to trying to cool down your home.

Should I open a window?

Opening a window might seem like the cheapest, most straightforward idea. But it could have some nasty knock-on effects.

By flinging open your window, you may feel that you’re doing yourself the world of good and letting in fresh air. The chances are you’re doing the opposite.

If you’re next to a road or railway line, which would most likely be the case in London. You will open your home to pollution from the streets, damaging your air quality and even causing health complications.

Aside from the increased noise levels, there are hazardous amounts of nitrogen dioxide in London’s air. This comes from diesel cars and can ruin your day if you inhale too much. A risk not worth taking just to cool down your home.

London is notoriously hot and humid in the summer because it is hard for a breeze to move through simply due to the sheer number of buildings.

Any air that is moving is most likely being funnelled through the streets. It most likely won’t be coming towards your window. This means you won’t be able to cool down your apartment efficiently.

Opening a window also risks compromised security. This is especially so if you’re near street level.

You may have flung open your window desperately trying to get some fresh air. But those pesky criminals won’t be sympathetic if they catch a glimpse of your TV.

Aside from keeping criminals out, closed windows prevent you from escaping into the street. An open window would be just what an opportunistic cat or dog needs to run loose.

So overall, opening a window to cool down may seem quick and easy. In the long-term risks in London outweigh the benefits.

Should I buy a fan?

These days, you can pick up a fan for a few pounds. Initially, you may think you’ve found the best solution when searching for how to cool down your apartment. The reality is that this will only be a short-term gain.

A fan only moves the air in front of it. You need to be sitting close to it to feel the benefit.

By sitting next to your fan, you’ll struggle to hear anything else but the fan blades cutting through the air and the breeze passing over you. This will make it hard to relax in front of the TV or enjoy music.

Using a fan is especially difficult at nighttime, particularly if you’re a light sleeper. The sound and the sensation will keep you awake. But turning it off will make you hot – not a fun predicament to be in.

If the air is hot in your apartment already, it will simply be shifting warm air from one part of the room to another.

It will never truly lower the temperature in the apartment. Potentially it could even warm it up further.

As with any machinery with a motor, residual heat builds up as it operates. Using a fan will eventually add to the room’s ambient temperature.

Air conditioning for your apartment

Air conditioning is the cleanest, safest and easiest way to cool down your apartment, but you’d be forgiven for thinking you would never qualify for a system.

Traditionally, your options for air conditioning were limited. You’d be confined to having big condenser boxes on the outside with holes made for ducting. We all know you can’t do this with apartments. That’s where Cool You comes in.

We provide fully internal air conditioning systems, meaning everything is contained within your apartment with no compromise on performance or control to cool down your apartment. This is the best way for Londoners to cool down their apartments.

Cool You have a fantastic track record of solving cooling issues and providing internal air conditioning systems in apartments. Look at our case studies to see how unobtrusive and easy to use our systems are and how perfectly cooled your home can be.

Plus, there will be no holes on the exterior of the building … a must for apartments and listed properties!

If you want to learn more about how Cool You can cool down your apartment, call 0207 043 2275 now or use our handy Price Guide to estimate the cost of air conditioning without an outside unit for your apartment today.