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Savva, our Technical Director, explains all about Cool You's exclusive fully internal air conditioning systems and how Cool You can help you get a cool and comfortable apartment in this series of videos.

Remember, if you need any more information or to discuss installing a Cool You air conditioning system in your apartment, call Savva on 0207 043 2275.

5 Reasons To Choose Cool You

Savva, shares five reasons why Cool You is the best when it comes to internal air conditioning solutions for your London apartment

Watch these videos to learn about our exclusive fully internal air conditioning systems designed specifically for apartments in London.

What makes Cool You special?
The Cool You promise
Air Conditioning for listed properties
Working from home comfortably with air conditioning
How long do things take?
How much mess and disruption will there be?

We are sure you will have many questions. Have a look at these videos that are based on questions we are asked every day.

What does water-cooled air conditioning mean?
What happens during a video site survey?
How easy is it to install
How easy is it to install Cool You’s air conditioning?
What is internal air conditioning?
Cool You air conditioning maintenance
Can't have a/c? We can help!
Why our units are whisper quiet
Where will you put the internal condensers?
The health benefits of air conditioning
Cool You's sleek air conditioning design
Is it more efficient to leave my AC on?
Why Cool You systems are cooling only
What is I-Feel and how does it work?
Why our air conditioning is needed all year

You've seen the videos, now see what our customers think about us!

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