How Internal Air Conditioning Helps Allergies

How to relieve your summer allergies with internal air conditioning

Air conditioning units aren’t just great at cooling and maintaining a comfortable room temperature, internal air conditioning helps allergies, too! 

If you suffer with summer allergies like hay fever, make sure you air conditioning unit is having regular services. When it’s running on top form, the air conditioning unit will be filtering the air at all times.

A Cool You internal air conditioning system will also remove bacteria, dust mites, and impurities, keeping the air clean and reliving you from those dreaded allergy symptoms.

Plus, running your air conditioner will suck excess humidity from the room, too! This is what causes bacteria and mould to grow in your home, creating an unhealthy environment, which is especially troublesome for those with allergies.  

So, if you do suffer from summer allergies, make sure to keep your Cool You air conditioning unit running, keep on top of service checks and cleanliness, and be sure to use it often to keep your living spaces’ temperature comfortable and allergen free.

Here is Savva explaining more on how our wall mounted internal air conditioning helps allergies:

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