Hot London Apartment?

If you live in a London Apartment we’re sure you have one or more of these problems…

These are just some of the issues we hear every day. We have the solution for you – 100% guaranteed!

No External Condenser Box

We can air condition your home completely internally with no disruption - 100% guaranteed!

Quick & Hassle Free

Your new air conditioning can be installed in just one day with our fully qualified specialists

Energy Efficient

Our technology uses energy efficient DC inverter technology. We care for the environment.

Great Air Quality

Filters in our systems help remove dust, pollutants, and dust mites.

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What You Will Get From Cool You:

Discover the Perfect Fully Internal Air Conditioning Solution for Your Hot London Apartment or Listed Building in 3 Simple Steps...

Take our free 30-second online solution finder

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Meet the Team

Savva Zacharia

Managing Director

Steven Hamilton

Technical Sales Support Manager

Tesfa Kelly

Services Manager

Elisha Watkins

Service Co-ordinator

Find the Perfect Air Conditioning Solution for Your London Apartment or Listed Building

Our specialist air conditioning will not only keep you cool in the heat, it will also improve your air quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide site surveys free of charge in London, once, we have had an initial discussion with you to understand your requirements and what we can provide. (There may be a charge for site surveys outside of London) Site surveys are carried out by our Savva, Senior Technical Solutions Engineer to establish the most efficient and cost effective solution for you based on your individual requirements and importantly, where we will position the condenser.

Cool You’s installation team take great care when they are in you home to minimise any mess and disturbance.

A standard install should take one working day.

Generally, as everything is internally fitted, no planning permission from the local council should be needed. However, we always advise our customers to read their lease or freehold agreement, and if in any doubt, seek clarification from their landlord or freeholders agent. Please read clauses 3.2 to 3.8 in our current terms and conditions that could be helpful to you.

Not only are we the experts in air conditioning completely internally, one or more rooms where an outside condenser is not possible, this is exclusively our business and has been for over 10 years. We have a range of solutions, once we know what are the limitations or restrictions within your apartment, office, or small shop. Click here to find out more about the Cool You team.

All areas of London. We are particularly busy in Battersea, Vauxhall, Chelsea, Kensington, Mayfair, Greenwich, Islington, Farringdon, Victoria, Wapping and Canary Wharf, as there are many apartment owners in these areas who need our fully internal air conditioning systems. Go to our Case Studies pages for an overview of the types of properties and areas of London we have installed our systems Click here to see some of our recent installation locations.

Residential Apartments both new build and those in Grade 2 and 1 listed buildings, plus conservation areas, account for most of our business. This is due to the heat build up they suffer from and no possibility of holes to the outside, never mind an outside condenser on a wall or roof. However, where the same restrictions apply we also air condition residential loft conversions, and small commercial spaces, including offices, shops, medical and dental surgeries, opticians etc. Please explore our Case Studies for a fuller picture.

This depends on a number of factors.

  • The size of the room
  • Heat gain from outside
  • What the room is being used for
  • The number of people inside the room

During your free consultation we can better advise you on the running costs of our fully internal air conditioning systems.

About Cool You

We are Cool You, the fully internal apartment air conditioning specialist in London.

Cool You supply and install a range of innovative completely internal air conditioning solutions designed for those who have been told they cannot have conventional air conditioning with an outside condenser.

Cool You was formed in 2006 for one simple reason, the founder had just sold their house which had conventional air conditioning and bought a town centre apartment. Wishing to install air conditioning in the property, they found they were not allowed to make holes to the outside of the property. Nor were they allowed to install an outside unit, even on the balcony.

After searching online, Julian found an early version of a completely internal system, bought it and had it installed. He then decided there and then to start a web-driven business offering completely internal conditioning systems. No other companies were offering such systems for the UK residential market.

From this small beginning to developing our own exclusive, energy-efficient systems, we have grown, year-on-year. Cool You are the leaders and only specialists in completely internal air conditioning solutions for apartments and listed properties in London.