Internal Water Cooled Condenser Air Conditioning For Apartments In London


The prices shown below are lead-in prices (PER ROOM) for the complete supply and installation of one of our systems. Please contact us with the approximate dimensions, type and use of the room(s) to be air conditioned and we will be happy to give you an accurate price.
Depending on your budget and the layout of your apartment, sometimes by air conditioning just one room, it is enough to neutralise the heat build up within the whole apartment. We are happy to advise you of the best and most cost effective solution for you.
A 3.5Kw DC Inverter water cooled air conditioning system for London apartments

3.5kw (12,000 BTU/h)
DC Inverter Water Cooled (Internal Condenser)
Air Conditioning System

Supplied and installed
£4,650 + VAT per room
No hidden extra costs

(£5,580 inc. of VAT)

A 5.3KW DC Inverter water cooled air conditioning system for London apartments

5.3kw (18,000 BTU/h)
DC Inverter Water Cooled (Internal Condenser)
Air Conditioning System

Supplied and installed
£5,250 + VAT per room
No hidden extra costs
(£6,300 inc. of VAT)

A 7kw DC Inverter water cooled air conditioning system for London apartments

7kw (24,000 BTU/h)
DC InverterWater Cooled (Internal Condenser)
Air Conditioning System

Supplied and installed
£5,650 + VAT per room
No hidden extra costs
(£6,780 inc. of VAT)


Utilising the very latest energy-efficient DC inverter technology, our water-cooled internal condenser air conditioning systems allow you to reach your desired room temperature and keep it constant when the external temperature changes.


Providing a high level of comfort, low noise and cost effective installation, our water cooled internal air conditioning systems provide many benefits whilst cooling your property. These include:

  • Installation in just one day by our specialist FGAS refrigeration engineers
  • The ability to air condition multiple rooms – using just one internal condenser we can either cool one room or indeed cool multiple rooms, depending on the cooling needs of you and your property
  • No outside unit – providing the solution to stringent property restrictions and apartments with limited exterior space, everything is contained internally with our solutions
  • Energy-efficient DC inverter technology provides you with a significant reduction in energy consumption when compared to non-inverters and comparable to the very latest conventional AC systems where you are able to have an external condenser.
  • Compact design – The smallest and most energy-efficient condensers, designed and built by us, without compromise, for London apartments
  • Very quiet operation
  • Ducted room units available
  • Provides cooling simply by being plumbed into your property’s cold water supply, just like a dishwasher or washing machine
  • No pipe work on show
  • Extensive maintenance programme available with full parts back-up
  • A bulletproof 5-year parts and labour warranty


Our internal condenser water cooled air conditioning solutions have been specially designed and developed for apartments & listed buildings in London where you cannot have an outside condenser.

  • Everything is enclosed in your property
  • No outside access required
  • Ideal for retro fitting in apartments and listed buildings
  • Easily concealed condensing unit
  • ‘A++’ rated for Energy Efficiency
  • Energy efficient DC inverter technology
  • The latest environmentally friendly R32 refrigerant
  • We can air condition up to three rooms from one compact multi-split internal condenser
  • Different room unit options
  • Great for home-workers
  • Dehumidifies rooms in cooling mode
  • i-FEEL closer-to-you temperature control as standard on all DC inverter systems
  • No outside condenser

You Can have a beautifully cool apartment in one day!

In Central London, you will not be able to drill holes in exterior walls or install an external condenser. Cool You UK is here to help you!

We are the London experts for internal water-cooled air conditioning (Cool You are the true specialists since 2006, it's all we do.) We have installed hundreds of our internal systems all around the city. Our fully trained F-Gas certified engineers know the best way to install a water-cooled air conditioner in your home.

Find out more below, or contact Cool You today for a free site survey, to make an enquiry or request a callback.

What actually is a water-cooled internal condenser air conditioning system?

With most London apartment buildings, you are not permitted to use external condensers or make penetrations through the exterior walls of the building. Our internal water-cooled air conditioning systems are a no-compromise solution for fully-fledged air conditioning where you cannot have an external condenser box.

It's All On The Inside!

Our fully  internal solution includes a whisper-quiet room unit (fan coil). This is installed in the room that's going to be air-conditioned. We typically specify a wall-mounted unit for a retrofit installation. It can also be a concealed ducted unit, which is usually used during complete home refurbishments. The room units are very sleek and neutral, so it will not clash with your colour scheme.

No Visible Pipework - No Ugly Box On The Outside

The refrigeration pipework runs from the room unit typically into the ceiling void, so it is concealed, to the condenser box. In a conventional system, this is the ugly box on the outside. With our system, the condenser is on the inside, out of sight in your apartment. In most cases, we use the utility space or under a kitchen counter, where it is hidden from view, but close to the required services. The location will be discussed with you during a site survey.

Unlike a conventional system, our internal condensers use water to dissipate the heat in a controlled and efficient manner - this has allowed us to design a condenser that is a fraction of the size of an external air-cooled box. Our internal condensers are compact and incredibly quiet - you won't even know they are running.

A Whisper Quiet, Efficient And Practical Solution

Apart from the obvious benefits of our fully internal air conditioning systems, maintenance is straightforward. You won't have to worry about somebody going to the outside of your property in bad weather, or getting permissions to get on a roof. Also, there will be absolutely no disruption to your neighbours. There will be nothing on the outside for them to complain about, either visually, or from noise. Your outside space is valuable and compact, so you don't have to worry about having a large box taking up space.

With our system, the condenser is kept at a constant internal temperature as opposed to an external box. The efficiency (and running costs) of an external condenser can be compromised by external temperatures. In sweltering weather, the sun can be beating down on an external condenser preventing the efficient dissipation of heat. This does not happen with our internal condensers - they just tick along quietly and efficiently.

No Compromise - Just Great Air Conditioning

Our systems are not a compromise in any way over a conventional system. A Cool You fully internal water-cooled air conditioning system will cool and dehumidify with efficiency and will filter the air in your apartment, leaving you with a cool, comfortable home.

An open plan kitchen/living/dining area cooled by a fully internal water cooled air conditioning system by Cool You
A whisper-quiet room unit in an open-plan kitchen/living/dining area within a modern London apartment.
A ducted room-unit, installed in a London apartment during a refurbishment of the grade II listed apartment building.

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This is a brilliant service, brilliantly done! The air con units are quiet, neat, and incredibly effective- and efficient- I cannot recommend ‘Cool You’ highly enough
Sally Dx
18. September, 2021.
CoolyouACs Best excellent ACs
14. September, 2021.
As it says on the tin! Fantastic! Why didn't we do this before when we first moved in, instead of buying fans that just push warm air around and suffering uncomfortable nights when you can not sleep. Now, cool everywhere in the property day or night with the added bonus of being able to close the windows and shut out local noise. Bliss! With CoolYouUK no hard sell, their easy to navigate website provides a mass of information including videos, how to, FAQs and lots lots more. OK it is not cheap, they are on par with the few other companies and well worth the investment. Installed in one day, no mess. All questions and queries answered promptly.
24. August, 2021.
Good and efficient service Very good service been few years always happy to help
george salah
2. August, 2021.
Good service.
27. July, 2021.
Very expensive for 45 minutes of labour The engineer arrived on time, found a solution to a fault and completed the service efficiently. The service should have been very easy as the aircon had not been used much since new. My only issue, which is a major one, was that for 45 minutes work, the cost of £200 plus VAT, which was all labour,is very expensive and clearly takes advantage of the fact the company indicates that they are the only people who can perform the service. I shall be investigating whether the service can be performed by another company when the next service is due.
Mr Christopher Sewell
27. July, 2021.
Great service from first enquiry, site visit and survey through to installation (which also took less time to complete than imagined). Would highly recommend.
26. July, 2021.
What a team. Felt joined up from start to finish. Installation was smooth and spotless and the air con has made such a difference in my apartment (I was skeptical!) Will most likely get a unit installed in another room next year and will come straight back to these guys.
21. July, 2021.
Brilliant service. My london flat is super cool whilst it's thirty degrees outside. The installation was quick and easy and aftercare is fabulous. Thanks!
Kate K
21. July, 2021.
excellent service- happy with the product..
Jeff E
20. July, 2021.


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