How do temperature controllers work

Cool You: How our iFeel and temperature control works

For the average home or property, consistent air conditioning can make all the difference to your space, allowing you to live comfortably in the summer, and enjoy ambient temperature in the winter months without the inconsistency of traditional heating. 

The air conditioning systems we design at Cool You go one step further, providing high-quality temperature control through an innovative system. 

So, how do temperature controllers work, and what makes our system different?

We answer all these questions and more and take an in-detail look at exactly why our iFeel system is such a revolutionary addition to air conditioning. Read on to find out more.


The Cool You temperature control system

If you’re wondering ‘how do temperature controllers work as part of the Cool You system?’, you’ve come to the right place. 

The way in which our unit controls the temperature of your space, whether it’s your bedroom, living room or studio space, takes custom temperature control to the next level. 

By including functionality to allow for better temperature control, our customers can set their AC to their specific location for pinpoint-accurate air conditioning control.

How do traditional temperature controllers work? In a standard AC unit, the temperature that the unit aims for is dictated by the unit itself. 

This means that the temperature you feel may not be the target you want to hit, as the unit is regulating temperature around its own thermostat, which could be five, 10 or even 20 metres away from your location. 

With a Cool You solution, we’ve eliminated this issue that comes with standard AC systems by introducing an innovative new functionality: the iFeel option.

With this additional feature, creating consistent, high-quality temperature control has never been easier.

What is iFeel?

iFeel is a unique, exciting feature that’s included as standard with every internal AC system we supply. 

This system, designed specifically for London apartments, allows the user to achieve the temperature they want based on their specific location, as opposed to the location of the unit itself. 

In many cases, the way AC units are positioned isn’t ideal for monitoring the temperature elsewhere in the room, whether they are high up on the wall or tucked away from the main living space.

This can lead to an incredible difference of up to 4-5°C in temperature in just one room.

The iFeel system removes this issue in temperature regulation by including a thermostat within the remote itself.

This is in addition to the one present as standard within the unit. The second thermostat on the remote allows users to dictate the temperature based on their exact location, allowing the AC to adapt to a different set of requirements from a different location. 

By pressing the iFeel button, a user can instantly transfer temperature control over to the thermostat in their hand, allowing for perfect temperature regulation tailored specifically for the purpose.

How to better control your temperature regulation

The best way to run your air conditioning during warm humid weather is just to leave it on.

Much like heating in the winter, keeping your AC on low and slow all day will work wonders, as opposed to blasting it when you get home.

While programming your unit to a recommended temperature of 21-23°C when using the iFeel controller for where you spend most time might seem a little on the high side, you’ll soon discover that with more accurate temperature control and no humidity this will feel just right.

You can then drop the temperature a degree or two at a time if you want it a bit cooler.

Because of the higher consistency in temperature, and more precise controls, maintaining an ambient household is much easier all-around.

Once you’ve established a baseline using the iFeel system, you can then feel free to make adjustments to the temperature controls, dropping by 1°C at a time to reach your perfect choice. 

Cool You air conditioning solutions are designed to be high-quality and robust, which not only means that our system is quicker to alter temperature, but also that it does a better job at controlling that temperature over time. 

Because of the dehumidifying qualities of our internal solutions, the room will feel cooler overall, even with a higher temperature than you’ve used in the past.

For example, if you set the room to 20°C, instead of the unit sensing the air and making it °C where the unit is (far away or high up), iFeel allows the temperature to be controlled exactly where you are, ensuring consistent temperature control for your specific location.

There can be 4-5 degrees of difference between where you are and where the unit is.

Why choose Cool You?

We’re a market-leaders of innovative air conditioning solutions designed specifically for London apartments.

As industry experts, our systems are designed to last and maintain the same high-quality temperature controls over time. 

The iFeel system is no exception, with the revolutionary addition of a second thermostat providing the power you need to make your home perfect. 

Once you’ve established the ideal ambience for your home, simply switching the AC on will produce the ideal results. 

As soon as you hit that iFeel button on your remote, that temperature can be completely customised to your exact location. 

Whether you’re watching TV, cooking a meal or taking a nap, your temperature control can be on-point anywhere in your apartment.

If you’re considering investing in a new air conditioning system, or you want to give air conditioning a go for the first time, then Cool You are the expert team you need. 

Our solutions are completely internal, with no outside condenser to worry about.

Everything is kept within your property, and no planning permission is usually required, making it the ideal solution for London apartment owners who want air conditioning but are not permitted a traditional system.

With years of experience providing internal air conditioning to apartment owners all across London, we’re equipped with the know-how to help you get better control over your home.

Our installations can be done in completely finished apartments with no mess, and each solution comes with a 5-year warranty.

Not to mention that the solutions themselves are so quiet, you can barely hear them working their magic. 

If Cool You sounds like the air conditioning specialists for you, or if you want to know a little more about how temperature controllers work, then get in contact with us today.

We’re always happy to hear from our customers, and we can provide the insight you need to bring a little more AC control to your life.