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The solution is expensive but you get what you pay for - and what you get is a very efficient air conditioning system, installed professionally and to a high standard. My property has 2 bedrooms located in the loft (one of which is south facing) which can get uncomfortably hot in the summer. After the last year's summer and having to deal with a noisy and rather fiddly (especially with Velux windows involved) portable aircon I decided to bite the bullet and get Cool You to install a water cooled solution in my property (external compressors were not allowed by the freeholder). I have to say that it's more than adequate to cool (and maintain) the entire upstairs to a pleasant 22C in a matter of minutes which is a huge quality of life improvement. The installation was also very efficient and done professionally - the installers arrived punctually at 8am and were done by lunchtime - I honestly did not expect such efficiency given the rather unusual layout of my property and what I though could have been challenges with finding the right spot to install the condenser. They installed the it neatly in the loft (I initially thought there might be issues with water and power supply but I shouldn't have worried as they somehow did their magic and got water, power and waste sorted) and two wall-mounted units in the bedrooms. There was indeed no mess and minimal disruption, which I was initially rather sceptical about despite the claims on their website. So far the system does the job although I can't comment on the running costs as it's only been a few weeks since the installation. Overall a good experience, job done to a very high standard and delivering on their promise. Yes, it's not cheap but I wouldn't think twice about spending the money given how much more liveable my property now is in the current hot weather.
3. June, 2021.
Really neat a/c system with no external fittings needed so it was the ideal solution for our flat and I couldn’t be happier. Prompt service and helpful fitters.
Nigel in London
1. June, 2021.
Delighted with the service I received from Cool You. The staff were all very friendly and professional from the start. The installation was incredible quick and efficient, despite the challenges of installing the AC system in a loft bedroom, and it was all left spotless. I would highly recommend.
Lucy Mowatt
31. May, 2021.
My apartment is a “green house” in the summer and my cat and I were melting away. I got expensive fans, portable ACs... none were enough... and an external AC unit was not an option. Installing the Air Conditioning with Cool You was one of my best decisions. The equipment is brilliant and the customer service is fabulous. The installation was easy and the engineers friendly and helpful. They were also very careful on leaving everything clean. Not even of word of complaint regarding the challenges of parking around where I live. They just get on with it with a smile. I have the air conditioner for a few years and when it’s time for the maintenance they work around your calendar to make it easy. It’s important to maintain the AC and they are always there for you. At lockdown time they gave instructions on a basic DYI filters cleaning and they offer tips on how best save energy while being efficient. They do really care about doing the right thing. Yes, it might a bit expensive, but it was the perfect solution for an indoors AC and with a faultless service... therefore good value for money.
Isabel Serafim
29. May, 2021.
Before they came I was hot. Then they came. Now I'm cool. It's remarkable what these air-conditioning engineers are capable of.
David Bowcutt
26. May, 2021.
Tommy was extremely professional, a credit to his company. Always excellent service from Cool You, they are very reliable and highly responsive to any requests. The Air Conditioning this company offer has transformed the quality of life in our flat, we installed it in 2017 and it was the best thing we ever did.
Chris Day
9. May, 2021.
Great customer service very efficient. The work is clean and of high quality, I had Alex to do the work and he knew what he was doing he always came prepared. Thank you very much for the great service.
Rania Ksibi
7. May, 2021.
Excellent company. Timely responses in communication and excellent installation (clean, tidy job). Haven't used the unit much yet as weather is still cold so can't speak to the quality of the unit but in the few test runs I've done, the unit is exceptionally quiet and cools the room incredibly. Not cheap compared to other vendors but the 5 year warranty and bespoke design and model are reasons to go with Cool You. Would highly recommend.
Raihaan Mughal
16. April, 2021.
A truly fantastic service from start to finish. We were given very clear information about the different sized units and how they would perform in our space. The installation was perfect, clean and quick, our installer was so respectful of the space and left all of the wires and pipe work perfectly hidden away in the best possible way given the space he was working in. I couldn't recommend these guys highly enough.
12. April, 2021.
Good service
Amanda Storm Jørgensen
26. March, 2021.

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A bulletproof 5-year parts and labour warranty

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