Fully Internal Commercial Air Conditioning
London for Light Commercial Properties

If You Have a Small Shop or Commercial Space in London, We Are Sure You Have One or More of These Problems …

  • My landlord will not allow an external condenser.
  • Customers and staff are too hot.
  • It's too hot -  I cannot concentrate.
  • Our products are affected by heat.
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commercial air conditioning london - we have the solution for heat problems

These are some of the issues we hear every day.
We have the solution for you - 100% guaranteed!

fullt internal commercial air conditioning london

You have a small shop or commercial space and you have been told you cannot have conventional commercial air conditioning in London because:

So We Agree You Need Air Conditioning! But …

  • You cannot have an external condenser box!
  • Planning permission would be expensive or problematic!
  • The building owners will not allow it!
  • You cannot drill holes to the outside of the building!

Don't Worry! We Have The Solution To Your Problem.

  • Exclusive fully internal top-specification systems built by us specifically for light commercial properties in London.
  • Planning permission is not required - 100% internal - nothing on the outside.
  • We have installed thousands of systems in properties throughout London. Landlords and building management understand the benefits.
  • No structural alterations or effect on any neighbouring property.
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What's Next?

The Typical Journey to a Cool and Comfortable Business

What You Can Expect To Pay

Air con solution for a small shop or consulting room

A small shop
or consulting room

£4650 + VAT

No hidden extra costs
(£5,580 inc. of VAT)

A fully internal air con solution for a medium sized retail space

A medium-sized retail space
eg. a boutique or chocolate shop

£5250 + VAT

No hidden extra costs
(£6,300 inc. of VAT)

commercial air conditioning london - our full internal systems are great for hair salons

A small convenience store
or hair salon

£5650 + VAT

No hidden extra costs (£6,780 inc. of VAT)

The prices shown are per room and include the full supply and installation, commissioning along with a bullet-proof 5-year parts and labour warranty - subject to a signed ongoing maintenance agreement.

Our maintenance costs per visit are £165+VAT (£198 inc. VAT) for a single unit, then £55+VAT (£66 inc. VAT) per additional unit. The first maintenance is scheduled six months after installation and then every six months thereafter.

There are no hidden extras - just full transparency

A typical Fully Internal Water Cooled Air Conditioning Installation for a small retail space in London

A Typical Installation For A Small Retail Space In London:

To install a fully internal air conditioning system to cool the retail space in a small shop with the internal condenser located in the staff room.

One concealed condenser serves:

  • one medium-sized wall unit in the retail area.

£5250 + VAT (£6,300 inc. of VAT)

Commercial Air Conditioning London
We Are The Leading Provider of Air Conditioning For Light Commercial Property Where You Cannot Have An Outside Condenser

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