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What is completely internal water-cooled air conditioning?

While still in winter, spring and another hot summer in London is not that far away. If you are thinking of having air conditioning installed, even in one room, don’t leave it to the last minute as your choice of quality installers will be much more limited.

In our short video below, Savva, our Managing Director, explains what a water-cooled internal air conditioning system really is. The myths surrounding it, whether you actually need one, and if you are looking at alternative suppliers to Cool You, ensure you compare like with like and ask the right questions.

Completely Internal Water Cooled Air Conditioning, keeping your London apartment cool.

All our air conditioning solutions we supply and install around London are specifically suited to properties where no other type of air conditioning can be installed – our original ethos, and it remains so now. This is all we do and our specialist niche market.

Many London apartment owners find individual rooms, for example, combined kitchen/living areas, are hot and stuffy and create heat throughout their property. Many tell us they hardly ever need to turn on their heating.

Things like solar gain, limited ventilation, insulation, and heat retention within the building, also contribute to over-warm apartments.

If you live in a new building, chances are you’re limited on ventilation. You probably can’t open the windows very far, and if you can, there is poor air quality outside, noise possibly from the traffic below, and if you are on a lower floor, security fears.

We have the solution. Cool You are the leaders and specialists in providing fully installed, completely internal air conditioning designed explicitly for London apartment owners. With no outside condenser box to worry about, our systems can be installed in any property, whether new build or listed. With our expertise, one or more rooms can be fully air-conditioned in as little as one day with little or no mess.

We’re the perfect fit for London apartment owners who have been told they cannot install air conditioning

We’re committed to quality and development.

  • Our internal condensers are the most energy-efficient available. We’ve made them even smaller. We guarantee we will find a space to fit one that causes minimal or no disruption
  • Developed by us and built specifically for us, for London Apartments.
  • Whisper quiet condensers with industry-leading low dB levels.
  • We use the latest low environmental impacting refrigerant R32.
  • The water from the condenser does not have to go to waste. This will be discussed, and options explained during Savva’s free site survey with you.
  • Available in single and multi-room individual small condensers. Up to 4 rooms can be air-conditioned with one compact condenser.
  • Our systems are supplied with an individual certificate of quality and traceability.
  • Installed by our team with 5-year parts and labour warranty, alongside our planned in-house maintenance programme, tailored for you.
  • Tight for time – we offer an initial facetime/what’s app video meeting or site survey of your home.

We Never Over Specify – find out about the Cool You Promise

One system can neutralise the heat build-up in most flats and apartments. Depending on size, our lead-in price is £4,650 + vat fully installed. This includes our industry-leading full five years parts and labour warranty. 

If you can have conventional air conditioning with a condenser on the outside of your apartment, e.g. a roof, balcony, or terrace, you don’t need us. But permission to do this in London is extremely rare. We can advise with no obligation to you.

If you would like more information or want to speak to us about our exclusive completely internal air conditioning system for your London apartment, give us a call on 0207 043 2275. You can also complete the contact form here, and Savva will be delighted to contact you.