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Where can an internal condenser be installed in my apartment?

When people hear that Cool You’s solutions include a water-cooled internal condenser, many jump straight to the conclusion that it will take up a lot of space.

While we understand the concern. We promise you that our internal condensers won’t take up any valuable space in your London apartment.

We have carried out hundreds of installations and have experience working with various properties.

This is our expertise. Our service includes helping you find the right place to conceal your condenser. We know we’ll be able to develop a fantastic solution for you.

Our team is very creative in finding a place to store your water-cooled internal condenser that won’t impact the aesthetics of your home. We’ll discuss the possible locations and solutions with you during our site surveys.

From apartments to houses, we always appreciate more space. So it makes sense that our customers are concerned about installing a system that may limit the amount of precious room available.

However, our units don’t take up as much space as you think. Whether your apartment’s storage space is completely full or non-existent, our solution can still fit you.

Some of the places we store the condenser have included:

Water Cooled Internal Condenser Installed Next To A Washing Machine

Our units, like a washing machine or dishwasher, can be plumbed directly into your cold water supply. If there is room next to your washing machine, even a tiny space, this could be the perfect place to store your condenser. 

They’re also smaller than you may think. Making the space between your washing machine and other white goods a fantastic storage opportunity. Our team will be able to identify whether this could be a fitting solution when they visit your property.

On a shelf

We can fashion a solution if you don’t have sufficient space in your storage cupboard. We can incorporate shelving within your storage cupboard. This lets us secure your condenser high up and out of the way.

You and our engineers will still have access to the system. Its presence will not impede your space because they are stored so high up.

Utility space or room

Utility space is an excellent option for storing our water cooled internal condenser. Most utility cupboards are out of the way yet still accessible. It makes sense to keep all of your utilities in one place. If that is an option for you, we can install your system there.

Do you have a utility cupboard rather than a utility room? We may still be able to install your water cooled internal condenser there. The team will be able to evaluate whether any of these are viable options during their home visit.

Under a sink

A lot of homeowners or renters conceal their sink piping behind a cupboard. This will improve the aesthetics of your home. It will also create fantastic storage opportunities that are often underutilised.

Whether you store cleaning products under your kitchen sink or bathroom products under the bathroom sink, there is a good chance that our team will be able to install our condenser system in one of these places.

Kitchen corner cupboard

Most kitchens now come fully equipped with multiple cupboards for optimum storage. If a particular cupboard is underutilised, such as a corner cupboard, this may be an installation option.

Bathroom location

Another great option is to utilise bathroom space. Whether you have room in your main bathroom, a downstairs bathroom or even an en suite, our team should be able to find an underutilised space to install your system.

As you can see, there are a lot more options available to you when it comes to storage solutions than you might have thought.

Whatever solutions we present to you, we will ensure you are entirely comfortable with the room and positioning of your internal condenser before any installation occurs.

Working together to find the best solution for you

Hopefully, during the home visit, our team will be able to source not one but multiple options to install your new system. Wherever you decide, we will work with you to ensure that:

We don’t impede other services

We will never suggest installing our units in front of any other systems or products you use. You should have easy access to everything you need in your home, and we will never recommend installing our system somewhere we know will result in future difficulties for you or your family.

Our solution is aesthetically pleasing

We understand how important your home life is, and you should never be put in a situation where you aren’t happy with the aesthetics of your home. That’s why our solution is sleek and minimal.

We will work with you to ensure our system doesn’t impede your home’s decor.

Maximum performance

Our systems have multiple benefits, and we will ensure that they are installed in such a way that delivers maximum performance at all times.

Whether you choose a system that cools one room or multiple rooms, we guarantee you will be happy with the results.

Our water cooled internal condenser are smaller than you may think

Our water cooled internal condensers are smaller than you might think. A unit that can cool up to three rooms is approximately the same size as a carry-on suitcase you use when travelling on an aeroplane.

Finding somewhere to store the system may be much easier than initially thought. However, our team is very creative at finding the optimum solution for all our customers.

Get in touch for more information

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