1. no air conditioning in apartment

Have no air conditioning in your apartment? We can help.

Have you been told ‘no’ to air conditioning in your apartment? Or do you not fancy having an ugly, noisy box installed on the exterior of your property? There are many people who suffer all year round due to having no air conditioning in their apartment. At Cool You, we have worked with lots of clients in this same situation.

Simply put, these London apartment owners want air conditioning to cool their apartment. Yet they’ve hit a dead-end with building regulations that prohibit conventional air conditioning systems.

If this sounds like you, you’ll be happy to know that we specialise in a solution that sidesteps this problem.

What is a conventional air conditioning system?

A conventional system is one that’s composed of a large condenser box installed on the exterior of the property.

This box extracts warm air from inside the property through a vent. This vent goes through the external wall, replacing warm air with cool air to make the internal space feel comfortable. This unit is noisy, it looks hideous, and many London apartments can’t have one installed. Other prohibitive features include:

  • The property is listed and protected against alterations to the exterior.
  • Exterior features are compromised by the installation.
  • The apartment is on the ground floor or doesn’t have outside space.
  • Strict noise regulations in the area.
  • And much more.

What’s the alternative?

So you have no air conditioning in your apartment, and you’ve found that a conventional system isn’t possible for you.

Here are some of your options:

Portable unit

You might have considered a portable unit. These are large boxes that sit in the room. What many people don’t realise is that they make a lot of noise when running. They also need to connect to the outside with a hose – which means leaving a window open.

A portable unit does nothing to stop the humidity. It is also inefficient because it doesn’t stop the hot air from coming in. Add that to its bulky presence in the room and the unpleasant noise it makes, and it really isn’t a desirable option. It’s cheap and cheerful, but it means you have to make a lot of compromises.


The most common thing people turn to is the humble fan. It’s the fastest option if you’re sweltering in your apartment.

While they feel great when they are blowing are on you, there are still some significant weaknesses:

  • They do nothing for overall room temperature, no matter how long you keep them running.
  • They are not helpful for humidity, which is one of the most uncomfortable aspects of hot weather.
  • You only feel it working when it’s pointing directly at you.

Essentially, if you sit in front of the fan you will experience the evaporative cooling effect on your skin. But as soon as you move out of its range, you will still feel the unpleasant, uncomfortable heat that is causing the problem.

A fan can work as a stop-gap when you have nothing else, but it is not a long-term solution. If you have considered both these solutions and still feel at a loss, there is an elegant solution that’s perfect for you.

So what’s the answer?

This is where Cool You come in.

We supply exclusive, state-of-the-art systems that are tailored to meet the needs of Londoners with no air conditioning in their apartment.

How do we do it? With our systems, everything is contained within your apartment, so the exterior walls are never tampered with.

Our completely internal solution is no compromise. We guarantee it performs the same as leading conventional air conditioning systems. The only difference is that the condenser box is situated inside your apartment. We conceal it within a utility space, a kitchen counter, or a cupboard. It will not be on show.

Our solutions also have the latest technology. Every system is wifi-controlled. We also offer our amazing iFeel technology, which can adjust the temperature directly where you’re sitting.

This bespoke set-up enables people with no air conditioning in their apartment to have a full functioning, compromise-free system… all without external penetrations.

There is no negative impact on your exterior or on your neighbours. Everything is kept within your own property.

It works exactly the same as a conventional air conditioning system, just without annoying building regulations.

A service you can trust

We’ve visited properties before where the residents believe there is no way for them to have an air conditioning system.

At these places, we’ve quickly been able to identify that there is a way to achieve air conditioning without any compromise.

We’ll tell you if we visit your property and you can have a traditional AC system. We always work with you to find the best solution for you and your property.

Whatever the case, you can rest assured that we will give you an honest assessment and the best advice for your circumstances.

We are a customer-focused company and will never prioritise a ‘quick sale’ over the well-being of our clients.

We genuinely care and want to find the right solution to meet your needs, however complex they may be.

So if you have no air conditioning in your apartment and believe that there is no way to have a conventional system installed, please contact us. In fact, even if you think you’d prefer not to have the conventional box installed on an external wall, get in touch.

The Cool You team will be able to give an honest assessment of your circumstances and recommend the best way for you to get air conditioning in your apartment.

We have the solution for you, and our friendly, helpful team are waiting to hear from you.

Call us on 020 7043 2275 or send us an email at enquiries@coolyoudirect.co.uk, and we’ll be able to answer your questions and arrange a visit to your home.

If you have any further questions about our systems, you can always check out our YouTube channel, where our Managing Director, Savva, answers your FAQs.