What are internal air conditioning units?

What are internal air conditioning units?

You may have heard about Cool You’s internal air conditioning systems. But, you might be wondering what internal air conditioning units are.

Here’s a rundown on everything you need to know about internal air conditioning units. This includes how they work and what the benefits are.

Our internal air conditioning units are a no-compromise solution. They are a fully-fledged air conditioning system without having to make penetrations through the external walls. This could be due to the building’s weather-proofing or other exterior skin features, which are a barrier to you having a traditional air con unit installed on the outside.

The conventional air conditioning market involves fitting a rather unattractive box on the outside of the building. This simply isn’t possible for everyone. If this sounds like a familiar story, then you’ll be pleased to learn that Cool You have the perfect solution.

How does the system work?

Our internal air conditioning units are comprised of the following:

  • The room unit/fan coil, which is retro-fitted high up on the room’s interior wall being air-conditioned.
  • Alternatively, it can be installed into existing fittings as a concealed, ducted unit during a refurb. This option will look the most attractive in any interior.
  • Refrigeration pipework runs from that unit, concealed within the walls/ceilings, to the condenser box. Typically, the condenser box is that part that goes outside. Still, it is fitted inside in our systems, usually in a concealed space like beneath the kitchen counter.

The result is a perfect, fully functioning air conditioning system that doesn’t breach any of the restrictions that prevent you from installing a conventional unit. It’s the perfect solution, no matter whether your property has restrictions or not.

What are the benefits of internal air conditioning units?

Our system’s first significant benefit is the obvious one: it offers an efficient and effective solution. No matter what type of property you live in, our internal air conditioning units will work, regardless of what you’ve been told.

There are, however, additional benefits that are not so self-explanatory.

One significant benefit is that it is easy to maintain — and not just because of our maintenance programme. Accessing conventional units can be challenging at times. Sometimes, you even need to get permission from landlords or other authorities to access them. So having everything kept within your property is a huge relief.

With no unsightly or noisy installations on the exterior of a property, internal air conditioning units cause no disruption for your neighbours. You don’t want to bother the people that live or work around you, and you certainly don’t want to give them cause to complain. That’s not a problem if everything is kept inside your property.

Having space outdoors is very important to London apartment owners. It’s a place to relax and entertain. With traditional air conditioning, most of the outside area is taken up with a box. This box also makes a lot of noise when it’s running. An internal air conditioning solution eliminates this issue, protecting your precious outside space and maximising your enjoyment of it.

Most importantly, because our units are installed internally, they maintain a consistent internal temperature. An external box aims to constantly remove hot air from the room whilst simultaneously pumping cool air in. When it’s situated outside and exposed to the heat of the sun beaming down upon it, performance is compromised. It will not be able to maintain a consistent temperature. With our internal systems, this is never an issue.

What else do you get with a Cool You system?

Here are some additional benefits of a Cool You internal air conditioning unit:

  • They are smart systems, meaning they are fully WiFi controllable.
  • They filter the air, removing dust, pollutants, and other allergens from your property.
  • There is no compromise on performance – the internal system is just as effective in cooling and dehumidifying as any conventional air conditioning system.
  • Every solution comes with 5-year parts and labour warranty.
  • They also have exciting features like Blackout technology and i-Feel temperature control.
  • Our expert team is honest and transparent every step of the way.

The bottom line with internal air conditioning units

In a nutshell: a Cool You internal air conditioning system really is a no-brainer. There are so many benefits to be enjoyed, and there is absolutely no compromise to be made.

If you are looking to have a system installed, but are not sure about the best solution for you, we’re here to help. Equally, if your building has restrictions that prevent installing a conventional A/C unit, but you would like to have a solution to cool your apartment, we are here for you.

Contact Cool You and find out more about our internal air conditioning units

If you have any questions about Cool You and our innovative internal air conditioning solutions, please feel free to contact us on 020 7043 2275. One of our friendly, helpful team will be on hand to answer your questions. Alternatively, you can send us an email at enquiries@coolyoudirect.co.uk, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

There is plenty of detailed information about our systems on our website, so please feel free to have a browse and see what you think. Otherwise, we look forward to hearing from you!