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The Health Benefits Associated With Air Conditioning

Many people are unaware of the health benefits of air conditioning.

Although air conditioning is mostly used to keep us cool during the hotter months, there are a number of things that an air conditioning unit does that can have a positive effect on your health.

The obvious ones are the filtration system, allergy control, and the cleaning and dehumidifying properties that an air conditioning unit has.

However, heat exhaustion can also seriously impact the health of certain individuals and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

This is particularly true for those with disabilities that are homebound, people who work from home, or those that have household pets like dogs or house cats.

Many of our customers have had positive things to say in regards to the health benefits they have experienced from our completely internal systems.

This includes those that have had issues with allergies, air filtration, and temperature, and feel as if their lives have been transformed after installing one of our systems.

Customer case study:

We have been lucky enough to transform the life of one of our customers who suffer from MS and is homebound as a result of her illness. As she is restricted to her bedroom and the living room, she has suffered considerably from heat exhaustion.

Since making the decision to contact us and get air conditioning installed in her property, her life has changed significantly for the better.

Many of our other customers have also experienced the health benefits of internal air conditioning.

Joan has a “health condition that means heat exhaustion has made me very ill in previous years.” Since installing a Cool You solution, she has felt better than ever. She says: “This is the first summer where I have felt my health actually improve rather than deteriorate!”

You can read more reviews like Joan’s on our Trust Pilot page.

Other health benefits of air conditioning

Although heat exhaustion can have a serious impact on the health of certain individuals, many people can suffer from respiratory conditions that can sometimes be life-threatening.

People who suffer from asthma can benefit from living in an air-conditioned environment. Filters in air conditioners help remove dust, pollutants, and dust mites.

Allergy sufferers

Air conditioning can help people who suffer from allergies, as the filtration system can filter pollen, pet hair, or other contaminants that may get into the home.

Having a system that filters these out means that allergy symptoms are kept at bay, particularly for those who suffer from hayfever in the hotter months or when the pollen count is high.

Keeping windows closed can stop pollen from entering apartments, but it can be unbearable if there is no air coming into your apartment. With an internal solution, you can keep your home cool and comfortable as well as keep the air clean.

Pollution and odour

If you live in an apartment in the middle of the city, you are likely exposed to a number of pollutants and fumes on a daily basis.

Although this often can’t be prevented in day-to-day life, having air conditioning in your apartment can help you from being exposed to bad odours and pollution.

Cities are polluted because of heavy traffic, public transport, and industrial buildings.

These pollutants can have a harmful effect on health, and by having an air conditioner, you will not need to keep your windows open.

As a result of the filtration system, you will breathe in air that is pure and free from radicals.

Consistent temperature is good for your health

Going back to what we said about heat exhaustion, living at uncomfortable temperatures can have an impact on your health. Air conditioning allows you to maintain a consistently comfortable temperature in your home, which is much better for you and your health.

Experiencing severe heat or severe cold can use up energy quickly, which in turn can impact your immune system and cause fatigue.

By maintaining consistent body temperature, you give your body a better chance at fighting infections quicker and put less strain on your immune system.

The importance of humidity levels in the home

You are probably aware that high humidity in the home can cause many issues. These issues can damage both your property and your health, this is particularly true if you end up with mould spores in your home.

An apartment with a high humidity level can bring harmful bacteria and other microorganisms that can harm your health. There are also negative health issues associated with low humidity levels that include the production of dry air that can cause skin problems and also affect breathing and sinuses.

An air conditioning system is one of the most reliable ways to maintain a perfect humidity level in the home.

Better sleep means better overall health

An often forgotten benefit of air conditioning is how it can improve your sleep. Many people struggle to sleep due to temperature fluctuations at night. This leads to tossing and turning.

You may go to bed at a perfectly comfortable temperature but wake up in the middle of the night sweating. Having an air conditioning solution in your bedroom can allow you to keep the room at a consistent temperature all night and allow you to get better sleep.

Some people have their windows open at night, but in an apartment, this rarely provides the airflow needed to keep you cool enough. In addition to this, keeping your window open can mean you are woken up by traffic or other commotion that can be found 24/7 in a city.

Ensuring that your sleeping conditions are perfect and that you are able to sleep through the night without being woken up can have huge benefits to your health.

About Cool You

It is clear that there are many health benefits of air conditioning. Our customers have benefitted from our internal air conditioning solutions, which can be kept completely in your property without any need for holes to the outside.

We believe you’ll benefit too. Read our reviews to see how first hand how the health benefits of air conditioning can impact our customers.

We strive to improve the lives of our customers. If you think we can help you stay cool in your apartment all year long, then please feel free to contact us. Our team of air conditioning experts will happily answer any questions you may have.