Air conditioning system maintenance is a core part of keeping your equipment running smoothly. We make it easier with our maintenance plan.

How often should Cool You air conditioning systems be maintained?

Air conditioning system maintenance is a core part of keeping your equipment running smoothly. But what does a maintenance schedule look like?

Many owners find looking after their air conditioners confusing. That’s why we’re sharing a simple overview to help keep you informed.

Why invest in regular air conditioning system maintenance?

The first thing to understand is why air conditioning system maintenance is necessary. Many air conditioning systems are available to suit several different needs. All air conditioning systems are machines. Machines need regular servicing to work reliably.

Over time, even the best air conditioning systems may have parts that need replacing. They might also have difficulty holding a consistent temperature or become prone to overheating. That’s not due to any fault in the design, but it’s how machines work – as time passes, they need looking after.

Regular air conditioning system maintenance is how you maximise the return on your investment by installing the system. Regular maintenance will ensure the system continues operating as reliably as possible.

It would be best if you also considered compliance regulations.  An air conditioning system that is not maintained can become a safety hazard for many reasons. For example, they may be prone to overheating to the point of being a fire risk, or they could leak potentially harmful chemicals into your building.

Failing to stick to compliance regulations can result in various fines and penalties. Servicing your air conditioning systems regularly is the best way to avoid this.

The Cool You approach to air conditioning system maintenance

Cool You is here to simplify everything about air conditioning for our customers. Our approach to air conditioning system maintenance is no different.

We operate to F-Gas standards. You will have your first service scheduled six months after installing and commissioning your air conditioning system. This timeframe applies regardless of use and will occur yearly after that.

Cool You will contact you to organise a maintenance agreement with you. That way, you and our team will know when your air conditioning systems are due for maintenance. When the date is getting closer, we’ll contact you to confirm. Then we’ll come along and provide your equipment with a proper service.

The service that your air conditioning system will need varies depending on several factors, including the specific system you chose, how you use it, and when it was installed. However, you can relax safely knowing that trained specialists handle your air conditioning system.

Cool You is here to take the guesswork out of the process. We’ll arrange your initial post-installation service with you, and then we’ll keep a regular note of when every annual service is due after that.

Keeping your warranty active

For many reasons, it pays to keep up to date with your regular Cool You service schedule. One is to ensure that you still benefit from your five-year parts and labour warranty.

At Cool You, we’re proud of the quality of the hardware and service we supply. It’s our pleasure to provide our customers with air conditioning systems that work reliably and efficiently. We do everything we can to ensure that owning a Cool You internal air conditioning system is as effortless as possible.

As a part of that promise, we offer an extensive five-year parts and labour warranty.

Our internal air conditioning systems last much longer than five years. However, we know that peace of mind is essential. That’s why our solutions automatically come with a warranty, just in case any issues arise.

Regardless of build quality, accidents can happen, and breakdowns can occur. Parts and labour costs can also proliferate, so the Cool You warranty is there to help take the sting out of any potential big bills you might face.

But, to honour that warranty, we need to know that your system is being taken care of.

Assessing the overall condition of your air conditioning system.

A service is an opportunity for us to assess the overall condition of your air conditioning system. Our trained technicians often spot potential problems before they occur, making preventative maintenance easy.

With scheduled, regular maintenance, you can ensure that your air conditioning system works reliably.

However, if there are any surprises, our 24-hour helpline is there for you. We’re on call 24/7 just in case of any issues.

You will usually get a call-back within two hours of your call. If our engineers cannot resolve the problem on the phone, our team will schedule an engineer visit to your home. There are also the compliance issues mentioned above.

Cool You can help make sure you’re up to date with all rules and regulations relating to the maintenance and operation of your air conditioning system. If there are any issues, we can help you resolve them before they turn into a more considerable problem.

Contact Cool You today

This should make the reasons for regular air conditioning system servicing clear. Remember – services are six months after commissioning, then every year thereafter.

Our internal air conditioning systems have been specifically designed for London apartment owners. Our solutions require no holes or penetrations to the outside and can be kept completely within your property.

So if you live in a London apartment and need any further help, guidance, or understanding about Cool You air conditioning servicing and maintenance schedules, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.