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Air conditioning solutions for listed buildings with Cool You

Air conditioning for listed buildings can be a difficult problem to negotiate. Many properties across London forbid traditional air conditioning, whether they’re a new-build block of flats or a gorgeous historical house.

This is because traditional external condensers are too big, too noisy, and don’t fit in with the exterior of the building.

Owners of modern apartments and owners of listed buildings often have similar restrictions when it comes to making changes to the building or installing certain equipment on the outside of the building.

Fortunately, Cool You are used to catering to both types of homeowners. We know how to work around these restrictions by providing an air conditioning solution that requires no external condenser.

Air conditioning for listed buildings

Just like modern apartments, owners of listed buildings don’t have the final say over any work that can be done on their property.

If you own a listed property you are likely to have constraints in place that stop you from altering the appearance or structure of the building. This can include not being allowed to make changes to the brickwork and ceilings or remove and alter ornate features.

If you live in a Grade II property or a conservation area, these restrictions are even tougher.

This often means that those living in listed buildings are fairly restricted when it comes to conventional air conditioning systems that rely on external condensers.

Why? Because an external condenser needs to be installed on the exterior of the building. This is something that many listed properties forbid.

We can provide air conditioning for listed buildings

If this sounds like your situation, the goods news is that Cool You can help.

Our unique internal solution is contained completely within your property. There are no holes or penetrations to the outside, no external condenser, and in most cases, no planning permission.

We create customised plans of how to keep everything located within your apartment. All listed properties are different, which is why we provide a custom solution that is suitable for the type of building that you live in.

We understand how important keeping listed buildings in the correct condition is and also understand the frustrations of living in one and adhering to the restrictions that are placed on them.

How we are able to help

Unlike many other air conditioning providers, we specialise in internal air conditioning. Our condensers are located inside your apartment, with no need for external work.

Our systems work by using water to provide cool air that the unit can circulate around the property. Nothing is on show. The internal condenser is tucked away in a discreet area, like cupboards utility spaces, and under sinks. They require no more plumbing than a dishwasher or washing machine and are not intrusive at all.

The wall mount is sleek, white, and non-branded. We put this in the room you’d like to air condition, usually high up on the wall. Trust us when we say that it won’t stand out and will blend in seamlessly to your surroundings.

Why air conditioning is a worthwhile investment

If you live in a listed building then it is likely that you want to keep wear and tear to a minimum. Often, older listed buildings have original windows that either do not open or if they do can be fairly fragile. This means opening windows may be something that you do cautiously and avoid as much as possible.

However, in the hotter months, buildings like these can become very stuffy and not an enjoyable place to live or work in. Even during winter, the heating can make it feel airless and humid.

An air conditioning system is a great way to provide cool and comfortable air all year.

Many hotels in London are listed, and without air conditioning, they’ll be uncomfortable all the time.

Cool You’s internal solutions also dehumidify and clean the air, which keeps you feeling fresh and prevents illness. It also helps productivity, is a great addition for pets, and can even help you sleep better at night.

More about Cool You’s air conditioning for listed buildings

We have provided air conditioning solutions for listed buildings in top London areas such as Mayfair, Kensington and Chelsea, and Primrose Hill. All of these are areas that are home to some of London’s most restricted listed buildings.

You can look for examples of listed buildings that we’ve provided air conditioning solutions for on our Case Studies page. Or, follow the links below to specific case studies for installations within listed buildings and conservation areas in London:

Whatever reason you have for needing air conditioning in your listed building, we can help find a solution that ticks all of the boxes and sticks to the rules. Our team is used to providing custom solutions and tailoring systems to meet the needs of customers with different specifications and requirements. 

Contact us at Cool You today for more information on how we can help.