how to sleep with air conditoning on

Why You Should Sleep With Air Conditioning On

An internal air conditioning unit can be a lifesaver for your comfort levels, but people who own and cherish them often don’t know how to sleep with air conditioning on or how they can benefit from switching on their unit as they sleep.

This article contains all you need to know about why air conditioning is essential for our wellbeing and how you can use our internal air conditioning units to remain cool.

Why do people avoid leaving air conditioning on as they sleep?

It’s estimated that 1 in 3 of us suffer from poor quality sleep, which can have negative repercussions on our daily lives.

One reason people give for having a poor night’s sleep is that their bedroom is too stuffy and humid.

This is something we’ve all experienced, especially during the summer months when the temperature is sky high and humidity levels are through the roof. It can be especially stuffy in a high-rise flat or apartment when temperatures can even be too hot in winter.

But if people own an air conditioning unit, why do they only use them in the day?

People are under the assumption that their body temperature will drop too low and they will get sick if they leave an air conditioning unit on overnight. However, this is far from the truth.

Some people also worry that using the unit all night will be expensive, but this shouldn’t be the case if you invest in a company that caters to your concerns instead of selling you a cheap and inefficient product that will tear through your electricity bill.

The benefits of an air-conditioned night’s sleep

Do you constantly wake up feeling groggy and restless but can’t seem to find the cause?

The answer could be in your sleep environment and your body could be exhausted from constantly trying to regulate your temperature throughout the night.

When it’s too hot, we often find ourselves tossing and turning and throwing off the duvet until we can find the optimal sleep position and temperature.

The windows can be pushed open as wide as possible, but without a good breeze you’re unlikely to feel the benefits of a cool night’s sleep, and you also run the risk of letting bugs and even intruders into your bedroom.

Scientific research suggests that the perfect temperature for your body to get a deep and restorative rest is between 15-20°C. An internal air conditioning unit can help regulate temperatures inside your bedroom so that it can stay between this golden mean.

Beyond your own sleep comfort, an air conditioning solution can also be particularly useful if you have children. It’s recommended that a baby’s room is kept between 20-22.2°C, but this can be difficult to achieve during a heatwave with only a fan and an open bedroom window to help.

Understanding how to sleep with air conditioning on can greatly benefit your baby’s sleep pattern as well as your own.

Beyond simply staying cool, an internal air conditioning solution can benefit your sleep quality in ways you wouldn’t realise.

The advanced filtration system provides cleaner air, removing any allergens that could cause breathing problems and leave you constantly reaching for your inhaler throughout the night.

Hot nights and humidity often go hand in hand, but sleeping with an air conditioning unit can remove excess humidity from the air and prevent the formation of mould, which can be both unsightly and dangerous.

Why a Cool You air conditioning unit should be your night-time companion

When it comes to internal air conditioning, Cool You’s solutions are unparalleled. You can rely on them to provide the best night’s sleep of your life.

Our expert team will teach you how to sleep with the air conditioning on so that you can make the most of your internal AC.

Here are some key features of the solutions that make them easier to operate:

1. Enjoy a cooler bedroom as you sleep

Cool You’s internal solutions use smart technology, making it easier for the user to adjust the temperature.

iFeel temperature control regulates the temperature in your bedroom via a sensor in your remote, meaning that you can opt for a cooler temperature in the day and a slightly warmer one as you drift off to sleep.

It’s easy to change the temperature setting and can be done without even leaving your bed, as the device is WIFI enabled.

2. Full blackout

You might have invested in blackout curtains, only for your sleep to be disrupted by a blinking light on a device that’s in the corner of the room.

Numerous studies have shown just how much artificial lighting can affect melatonin production and our sleep quality as a result.

Our internal air conditioning solutions have been manufactured with this in mind.

Just the touch of a button will turn off all visible lights on the unit, creating a complete blackout. Don’t worry, though, as the system will still be fully operational – just without any pesky LED lights keeping you awake.

3. Whisper quiet

How many times have you been kept awake by loud street noise or even an electronic device that’s too loud?

Studies suggest that background noise can make it harder to fall asleep and can become a problem in the long term.

However, our air conditioning solutions operate at just 26 decibels, which is barely above a whisper.

This means that you can get a deep and cool night’s sleep without compromising the silence in your room.

4. No need to worry about running costs

Nightmares about the running cost of an air conditioning keeping you up?

With our device, you can sleep easy, as it’s the most energy-efficient internal air conditioning solution available and can reduce running costs by up to 50% when compared to our biggest competitors.

Once you know how to sleep with air conditioning on, your life will truly change for the better.

Best of all, our completely internal solutions are kept fully inside your property, making it ideal for London apartment owners who have been told they can’t have a traditional air conditioning unit.

If you want a cooler night’s sleep so that you can be more productive at work and more alert during the day, then reach out to the team to see how an internal Cool You solution can work for you and your property.