6 Advantages Of Internal Air Conditioning Solutions

6 Advantages Of Internal Air Conditioning Solutions

There are so many advantages to internal air conditioning solutions, most of all having a comfortable and cool apartment waiting for you during the hot summer months.

While keeping cool is the #1 reason to install air conditioning in your apartment, there are actually many more advantages to having internal air conditioning solutions than just temperature control.

Our managing director, Savva, explains a few more advantages of installing an internal air conditioning solution in your London apartment.

Internal Air Conditioning Solutions Improve Air Quality

All of our internal air conditioning systems are fitted with filters that remove impurities in the air, like dust. This is a massive help for allergy sufferers, as it means our systems filter the pollutants and improve air quality in your London apartment.

Internal Air Conditioning Solutions Prevent Heat-Related Health Problems

Overheating in your London apartment can lead to serious health issues, like heat stroke, heat rash, cramps, heat exhaustion, and even fainting.

Not only does air conditioning keep your apartment at a consistent temperature all year round, but it also benefits your pets! Many apartment owners worry about their furry friends overheating in the summertime, and our internal systems provide the ideal solution to look after you and your pet’s health.

Air conditioning helps you sleep

If you’re finding it difficult to sleep at night, it may be because you’re overheated.

Catching the right amount of zzzs is crucial to your health and happiness, and experts have found that the temperature of the bedroom affect how well and how long you sleep.

Our whisper-quiet air conditioning systems help you cool down at night, ensuring that your bedroom temperature is perfect all through the night. Our units also come with an LED blackout feature in case you’re sensitive to light, and they control humidity levels, which means the stuffy, sweaty air you might get in your room at night will be carefully regulated.

Internal Air conditioning boosts productivity.

It’s true! If you’re feeling a little less productive than normal, air conditioning can help. Research shows that cooler workplace temperatures increase productivity, so if you work from home a lot, you can beat that mid-afternoon work slump with a Cool You system.

Air conditioning protects your home gadgets.

A lot of us have AV cupboards or loads of computer equipment in our homes. Not only does all this tech consume a lot of electricity, but it also emits a lot of heat energy. This can affect the lifespan of your gadgets. Internal air conditioning solutions keep the room at a steady, cool temperature which ensures your expensive technology isn’t getting damaged or overheated.

Internal Air conditioning solutions provide security

Many apartment blocks here in London are built near busy roads and railways, which isn’t great if you need your window open to cool down. Things like noise, security, and pollution might prevent you from cracking open a window for some cool air…especially if you live on the ground or first floor.

With a Cool You internal air conditioning solution, you can keep your room at your ideal temperature without worrying about safety or noise.

There are so many benefits to having a Cool You internal air conditioning system, so why not give us a ring? Call us on 0207 043 2275 or feel free to email us at enquiries@coolyoudirect.co.uk to find out how our solutions can work for you and your property!