Air conditioning & noise – why our systems are so quiet

Many people living in apartments are now opting to install internal air conditioning units. If you are considering having an air conditioning system installed in your apartment, then one worry that you may have is that the system is noisy.

The good news is that all Cool You air conditioning systems comply with air conditioning noise regulations and as a result are incredibly quiet. This means that neither you nor your neighbour will be disturbed by a noisy air conditioning system.


Common questions regarding air conditioning noise regulations

There are many common questions that many customers have regarding the level of noise produced by air-con systems that are installed in city apartments. These include:

Is the air conditioning system noisy? Will it wake me up in the middle of the night or prevent me from going to sleep in the first place? Will the air-con disturb me while I work from home? Will the neighbours hear the air-con system during the night?

Below we will answer all of these concerns by looking separately at the fan coil unit and the condenser unit, to give you peace of mind.

The fan coil unit

So let us first look at the fan coil unit. This is the part of the air conditioning system and can be found in your chosen room or rooms, usually the living room and bedroom. 

It is usually placed high up on the wall or concealed as part of the room decor.

It’s very quiet

This part of the air-con system is almost silent, as nothing is ever completely silent. The fan coil unit operates on a very low fan speed that is similar to that of a Dyson fan. 

This unit operates between 19 to 26 decibels, depending on what model you have chosen. So this means that the unit is very quiet.

These fan coil units are what the industry calls ‘whisper quiet’. This means that they will definitely not disturb you when you’re working from home or enjoying family time, or prevent you from sleeping.

This leads to the good news that the air conditioning system can be left on during the night. The fan units also won’t be heard in the living room, allowing you to work or relax in peace and quiet.

The condenser unit

This is the part of the air conditioning unit that is concealed within your property, so it isn’t on show. This is what we consider to be the ‘noisier’ part of the air conditioning system, although it’s still pretty quiet.

Our air conditioning units abide by air conditioning noise regulations, meaning they are incredibly quiet and non-invasive. 

This condenser unit runs at a range of between 39 to 45 decibels. Once again this very much depends upon your chosen condenser unit.

Unlike traditional air conditioning solutions, our systems are kept completely within your property. Not only is this convenient for you – especially if you’ve been told you cannot have a traditional AC – but it also means less impact on your neighbours. This includes noise, as well. 

Placement of the unit

Our Cool You condenser units are designed to be concealed in either a kitchen cabinet, a boiler room or even a utility space. The placement of the condenser very much depends upon your needs and available space.

The nature of these rooms themselves helps to buffer any noise from the unit and to ‘sound deaden’ them. This means that any noise that comes from them will be muffled and masked by ambient sounds in the surrounding environment.

As an extra measure – insulation

If you are particularly noise sensitive, then there is always the additional option of soundproofing the condenser unit with the use of extra insulation.

You are able to do so because the condenser doesn’t need to ‘breathe’ and will never get hot.

This means that as an extra measure you can further insulate the unit without causing any damage to the unit or posing a fire risk. Doing so will mean that you won’t hear the condenser at all, no matter where it is in your apartment.

How to insulate your Cool You condenser

Sound insulating your condenser is very easy to do. This can be quickly and cheaply done by having a box built around the condenser unit if it is placed in a boiler room or utility space.

This extra layer of material will be enough to provide a sound muffler for those who are noise sensitive.

Will the neighbours hear it?

As already mentioned, most customers worry about the fact that their neighbours may hear their air-con when it is running. 

Well, the good news is that here at Cool You, we have never had any complaints from our customers informing us that their neighbours can hear the air conditioning system.

There will be no issues of noise transferring to neighbouring properties. This is due to a number of reasons that we’ll explain below.

No vibrations

Firstly, all of our condensers sit on anti-vibration feet. This means that no vibrations will be felt through your floor, or the floor next door, while the air con is on.

Made with brushless motors

All of our air conditioning condensers are made with brushless motors and have hyper inverter compressors.

This means that they are soft-start, so there are no sound vibrations that resonate through your building or into the fabric of the building next door.

Nothing to see or hear

We add nothing to the outside of your property. The entire air-con system is inside your property, so there is no external condenser. 

Coupled with this is the fact that the walls are not pierced in any way; in fact, they are not touched, so your neighbours will be completely unaware that you have had a Cool You system installed on your property, as they won’t be able to see it. 

Then there is the added fact that they won’t hear the fan, the condenser motor, or feel any vibrations through the floor or wall.

If you would like to learn more about our Cool You air conditioning systems that are fully compliant with air conditioning noise regulations, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.