Living in an apartment can become hot, and the air can become stagnant. Which air conditioning design is right for you?

Explaining our sleek air conditioning design

Living in an apartment can become hot, and the air can become stagnant. You might feel the need to get an AC unit. But which air conditioning design is right for you?

Cool You has you covered. 

We understand your situation. You’re living in your beautiful London apartment, but it’s hot… even in the winter. You can barely open the windows to let cool air in. When you do, it doesn’t circulate properly. 

You might even live by a train station or high street. You avoid opening windows due to air and noise pollution

We can help with the air conditioning design.

Our fully internal air conditioning solutions have been designed specifically for London apartment owners. The modern and minimal room unit design is perfect for brand-new London flats.
They will allow you to live in a space that has clean, cool air and little noise. They don’t take up much space.

Watch the video below to see how Cool You’s sleek air conditioning design is perfect for London apartments:

Breakdown of air conditioning design

Cool You air conditioners are very compact and small. They comprise two parts: the condenser and the wall unit.

The internal condenser is what removes the heat from the room. Unlike traditional air conditioning systems, our condensers are entirely within your apartment. They do not require holes or penetrations to the outside or neighbouring walls. 

Our condensers are small enough to tuck under a kitchen sink, in a laundry area, or even in a utility cupboard. The small size is a blessing in an apartment with limited room.

But don’t let the small size fool you. Our solutions have the same quality and performance as leading brands. Using an internal condenser and water-cooling technology, they work powerfully and effectively to keep your entire apartment cool during heat waves.

The condenser is connected to a slim, contemporary, wall-mounted cooling unit via refrigerant pipework. The pipework is concealed in the ceiling and behind the wall. Everything will be concealed in your apartment. There will be no loose wires or loose coils on show.

The final part of the system is the wall unit. This unit contains the fan coils that blow out the air. These are also small and blend into any decor.

We’ll place these high on the wall. Or, if you’re doing a refurbishment and have more control over how you’d like your solution, we can also do a concealed grill wall unit.

These are similar to what you see in hotel rooms. Concealed air conditioning systems are ideal for London homeowners currently renovating their flats.

Along with cooling down the apartment, our solutions also dehumidify the room. They also remove any pollutants that may be in the air.

What about style? 

Cool You’s air conditioning design is sleek and white. There is no visible branding on the room unit.

They can beautifully match up with white walls found in many modern apartments. You will barely know they are there.

We place the room units high up so you will not notice them. You can easily forget about them when designing your living space.

There should be no interruptions to your regular room set-up.

Our solutions also have a unique blackout feature, ideal for those who like to sleep with air conditioning. Just one click of a remote and all the LED lights on the wall unit will switch off, creating no distractions for a good night’s sleep.

Are they loud?

A lot of people assume that air conditioning can be pretty loud. That’s not true with Cool You.

Our solutions produce low noise levels, operating at just 26 decibels.

If you don’t want to open a window because of the loud noises outside (traffic, dogs, people yelling), such concerns are eliminated with these air conditioning systems. With an internal AC solution, you can keep the windows closed, keep the noise out, and keep cool.

WiFi Controlled

It’s essential in today’s modern world to be connected. You can’t always be in your apartment; sometimes, you forget to turn off your unit.

That’s why all our solutions are available with WiFi control. You can use the Clima 24H app.

This app can be used with both Apple and Android devices and controlled wherever you are. 

If you don’t like running the air conditioning unit while you’re out, but look forward to a cool home upon your arrival, not a problem. Or, if you head out on holiday and forget to turn off your AC, no worries! 

Professionalism with Air conditioning design

The Cool You team installs these air conditioning systems day in and day out. We specialise only in these internal solutions, designed specifically for London apartments.

Most installations take no more than one day to set up. The installation can be done without any disruption to your decor.

Once we arrive in the morning, you can leave it in our capable hands. The next thing you know, you’ll be relaxing in your cool apartment/living space that very evening.

We’re passionate about finding the perfect solution for you. 

We pride ourselves on finding creative solutions that require minimal disruption.

If you live in a property with strict planning regulations or cannot fit a traditional air conditioner, we have the solution for you. Our solution will provide the same quality and performance as a conventional system but entirely internally. Nothing outside!

Designed in a sleek, plain white that matches the design of any room; being up and out of the way, not to be worried about; easily controlled through WiFi from anywhere; quiet with the possibility of being silent; no requirement for outside condenser: these are all the reasons why you should consider Cool You Air solutions for your London apartment

If you are interested, need any help/have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us here.