Behind The Scenes: Hidden Duct Air Conditioning Unit For London Apartments

Behind The Scenes: Hidden Duct Air Conditioning Unit For London Apartments

Alongside our typical retrofit wall-mounted units, we offer another option: hidden duct air conditioning for London apartments.

In the video below, our Managing Director Savva shows off a Cool You ducted air conditioning unit. Cool You recently installed this system in a beautiful, newly built London apartment.

A Fully Concealed Hotel Style Ducted System… A Perfect Option For Refurbishments.

Are you in the middle of building works or refurbishing your apartment? If you are, one of our concealed hidden ducted air conditioning systems could work well for you. Nothing is on show apart from a simple grill, which we’ll provide in any colour.

Savva explains more in the video below:

This is how our hidden duct air conditioning for London apartments works:

The concealed duct sits behind the grill, which blows out the cold air. Meanwhile, the small condenser connected to the duct is discreetly hidden. This could be in a storage cupboard, under the sink, or in your utility space.

All of our concealed duct air conditioning systems come with a hard-wired control, allowing you to control the function of your AC with a remote from the comfort of your sofa.

If you are completely refurbishing your Home, we can install a concealed ducted system. This will give you the plush hotel look with nothing on show. We have installed many concealed ducted systems throughout London in listed buildings. We have worked closely with architects and contractors in many installations to achieve the perfect result.

However, suppose you have just completed re-decoration in your London apartment and don’t want to do any refurbishment or building work. In that case, a wall-mounted solution is probably the best and most cost-effective. Click here to find out how our wall-mounted retrofit units work.

If you have any questions about all of our entirely internal air conditioning options, get in touch by filling out this form or calling 0207 043 2275.

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