The Air Conditioning Options For London Properties 2

Air conditioning options For London Properties

It’s likely that if you live in a Central London apartment, you’ve probably considered your air conditioning options.

You might have already made an initial enquiry with your landlord/freeholder/building management to ask if you can have a conventional air conditioning system, and they’ve turned around and said no. That’s because you’re generally not allowed to make any penetrations to the outside or put anything on the outside of your building.

That leaves you with only a few options to air condition your property, as Savva explains in the video below:

These air conditioning options include:

Portable unit

This is an air conditioning unit that stands on the floor. With this unit, you vent it via a hose to the outside. This would mean that for a majority of the time a window or door is kept wide open and that heat is expelled outside.

The main downside to this is they are fairly noisy, it takes up floor space, the door or window has to be open so you’re bringing in the heat and the unit itself is noisy.

Through the wall unit

The components in the system are in one box but instead of a hose pushed to the outside and allowed to expel the heat, this unit is physically fixed to an outside facing wall and it has two ducts that bring in air and expel air. This still requires 3 drilled to the outside and possible builders works, and will most likely also involve permission.

Completely internal system

We have developed over a number of years a fully internal solution which is no compromise in terms of its performance and efficiency when compared to a conventional system that you can’t have.

Our system is 100% contained within your apartment and it will cool from one space to all spaces depending on your needs. Our air conditioning systems are designed specifically for London apartments and deliver whisper-quiet operation.

Our internal solutions serve as an ideal option so you shouldn’t have a rejection from any sort of building management or freeholder as we do not penetrate outside of your building so it will not affect your neighbours or services.

To discuss a perfect air conditioning options for you and for more information, feel free to call us on 0207 043 2275 or email us at .