Why are London apartments so hot?

Why are London apartments so hot?

London is certainly not known for its hot climate, but many people throughout the city are experiencing overheating in their flats and wondering why their London apartments are so hot.

Everyone seems to be asking the same question: why do these flats and apartments keep getting hotter?

There are a few factors to this phenomenon, and our Managing Director Savva goes through them one-by-one in our weekly video. Here they are:

  • No regulation
    Unlike heating, which developers must provide you with, there’s no regulation for cooling. So while everything is equipped to be nice and toasty for the chillier winter months, there’s nothing in place for when it’s boiling.
  • Solar gain
    While the beautiful, large windows are pretty to look at and make for great views, they’re not the best for keeping spaces cool. They attract tons of heat, which causes apartments to get very hot.
  • Ventilation
    Many new buildings have windows that barely open, causing the space to have very little ventilation. If you can open a window, the cross breeze might be so minimal it doesn’t make much impact. Plus, things like noise and pollution can get into an apartment.
  • Insulation
    Over the last 20 years, insulation levels have become more demanding. This is great for not letting the heat out, but it also keeps traps the heat in.

We’re facing a “perfect storm” scenario in London right now where people are buying beautiful apartments with great views but are just overwhelmed with heat. These are just a few reasons why London apartments are so hot.

You can watch the video below for a more detailed explanation.

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