skyscrapers hot

Why every skyscraper apartment needs air conditioning

Here at Cool You, we regularly work with clients who live in gorgeous, skyscraper apartments.

We’ve worked in buildings such as the One the Elephant and the Strata in Elephant & Castle as well as many other high-rise buildings across the capital. 

The reason we’ve worked in such iconic environments is that they become very hot, very quickly. 

We are skilled and experienced in carrying out air conditioning work in luxury apartments across London that are housed twenty or thirty floors up from the ground, and we’ve carried out air conditioning work in apartments that are worth millions of pounds. 

We are a team of skilled and experienced professionals who know exactly what to do to keep you cool. So, why are skyscrapers hot, and what can you do about this? 

The benefits of living in a skyscraper

So, what are the benefits of living in a skyscraper?

Well, obviously when your apartment is on the thirtieth floor you’ll have amazing views of the city through that large floor to ceiling glass windows. 

These apartments have also been designed with beautiful and breathtaking exteriors that are teamed with the very latest technologies and user-friendly appliances.

These apartments are all about comfort and enjoying a luxurious lifestyle. 

But, one fact is that skyscrapers do get hot and become so fairly rapidly.

This type of environment is not a healthy one and is not suitable for when you are trying to concentrate and work in your apartment office, or when wanting a good night’s sleep. 

Why are skyscrapers hot?

There are basically two main reasons why skyscraper apartments heat up rapidly and retain that heat. 

The first reason is due to the amount of glass that a skyscraper is constructed from.

In many cases, most of the outside wall, or walls, are constructed from sheets of glass and steel. 

In essence, what this does is turn the apartment into a giant greenhouse that’s housed in the sky, trapping inside all the heat from the sun. 

If you’ve ever walked into a greenhouse and then closed the door and any windows, you’ll appreciate just how humid and uncomfortable it can be.

You also have the added fact that these apartments are well insulated, and therefore do not need the use of heating, even in the cold winter months. 

The second problem is that of accessing open windows. When you are twenty floors up, the window will most likely be locked, preventing you from opening it.

Or, if you can open a window, it’s likely you’ll only be able to open it a few centimetres. This is not enough to create sufficient airflow to cool you down. 

It’s also worth mentioning that the problem of an overheated skyscraper is not just during the summer months.

This can happen at any time when it is sunny, including in the cold winter.

Issues about getting air in

There is a huge problem in getting fresh air into your skyscraper apartment if you cannot open any windows due to safety reasons. 

Not being able to open windows means there is no way that you can get fresh, cool air into your apartment space, nor let the stifling heat out.

If you live on a lower floor, then you may be able to open some windows by a small fraction, but this really isn’t enough to create cool and flowing air for your living space. 

In fact, you probably won’t notice much difference in the air temperature. 

What you will notice, particularly if you live in a built-up area of the city, is that as soon as you open the window you are flooded with noise pollution. 

This is not ideal when trying to work, rest or sleep. This is why you really need air conditioning from Cool You.

Solution to having cool airflow

So, the solution to creating excellent airflow within your skyscraper apartment and maintaining a cool and comfortable living environment is to install an internal air conditioning unit.

This really is the perfect option when you are unable to access fresh air in any other way.

When living in a skyscraper you will be unable to have an outside condenser for many different reasons, including safety concerns and wanting to maintain the aesthetic look of the building.

This is why our internal air conditioning solutions are perfectly suited to skyscraper apartment living.

Our internal air conditioning condenser unit is small, compact and incredibly discreet. This can be placed in rooms such as the kitchen or utility room, but we will discuss the best options with you. 

We will then place our AC units wherever you need them to be. They will not penetrate the fabric of the building, and will cause no disruption to any decorative or structural work that has been carried out.

Cool You solutions can be placed in one room or in any room that you want to stay cool in. Once again, we’ll discuss the best options for you. 

All of our AC units are discreet and modern. They can be concealed over the ceiling so that they won’t disturb any decor or finishes in the room. 

They have a similar appearance to the AC units you will see in a five-star hotel, and are sleek, stylish and in keeping with today’s modern living needs. 

What Cool You can do for you and hot skyscrapers

We will work with you to design the perfect air conditioning system to meet your apartment’s needs

We’ll work out the best place to install your condenser and AC units. We can come and visit you in your apartment and chat face to face.

Or if you prefer, we can video call you either via FaceTime or WhatsApp, whatever works best for you. 

During these site surveys, we will assess how much space needs to be cooled, and the correct number of units to do this job.

We’ll talk through everything with you and explain how our Cool You system works. We really are with you every step of the way. 

To find out more about how Cool You can help your skyscraper apartment stay cool and comfortable then please do contact us today via phone or our messaging service and we’ll get back to you. We look forward to hearing from you.