do you need air conditoning in london

Why air conditioning in London is all-year round

A question we have heard many times here at Cool You is ‘do you need air conditioning in London for more than a couple of months a year?’ 

Over a decade of providing internal air conditioning solutions in London has taught us that if you want to have full control over your own comfort at home – the answer is yes. 

Even those of our customers who have had the system installed thinking they would only use it in July and August have reported using it all year round and sleeping more soundly than they did before. 

A lot of preconceived notions that hold people back from exploring what companies like Cool You have to offer that are available simply aren’t true.

If you live in an older building or an apartment complex in London, you may not even realise you can have a cooling system installed.

To protect their properties, landowners often won’t give permission to allow the structural changes required in order to get an outside condenser unit. 

This has left many Londoners under the impression that they have to swelter in the heat all year long. 

Our managing director, Julian Peyser, was confronted with this very issue when he and his wife decided they wanted to buy and live in an apartment 13 years ago. 

Rather than suffering in stuffy discomfort, he used the setback as a catalyst to begin Cool You.

When he looked to solve this situation he found there was a distinct lack of companies and even information, offering solutions for people who have been told they won’t be able to have AC because they are not allowed an outside condenser.

Only one answer. Develop a solution!  Cool You have since and continue to help many people, who aren’t able to have traditional units by installing internal air conditioning systems.

So now you know you can get an AC system installed

Some of our customers have asked, ‘do you need air conditioning In London at all?’ the first time they have made contact with us. 

Absolutely – even clients who thought they would never be able to get air conditioning installed because their house or flat is simply too valuable or restrictive to take the risk are now enjoying the consistent comfort offered by a fully-functional internal air con unit. 

While period homes have unique cooling requirements, so do a lot of new-build apartments in London.

Insulation has become so advanced and effective that a lot of people living in newly built apartment blocks find themselves in uncomfortable, inconsistent temperatures all year long.

Some apartment complexes have universal controls that are set by central timers that homeowners have no access to whatsoever. 

You and your family have a right to never be uncomfortable at home and should have the freedom to regulate the temperature of your apartment to the decimal point. 

Utilising a fully functioning air conditioning unit throughout the year can be the difference between tossing and turning in bed all night and having a peaceful slumber. 

Do you need air conditioning in London when you can just open the window?

You certainly can open a window when the temperature rises, but this is also opening up your home to a host of potentially very harmful eventualities. 

One of the big reasons why air conditioning isn’t just a seasonal fad confined to the summer months is that opening up your windows allow spores, pollution and damp into your beautiful property. 

Humidity is in effect all year round and while an AC unit actually helps to keep the air dry – opening the window is going to allow humidity and moisture to potentially seep into your soft furnishings and produce damp or mildew. 

As Brits, we are prone to sudden changes of weather that also mean open windows leave houses vulnerable to the downpours of rain that this fair isle is so well known for. 

This can completely ruin your furniture, curtains or wooden flooring to name just a few of the devastating outcomes of leaving windows open. 

Recent studies have also shown that the majority of airborne illnesses are transferred via open windows. Keep out other people’s germs and be sure to invest in a safe, family-friendly air-conditioning system. 

Do you need air conditioning in London when you live in a luxury apartment block?

For those who live in apartments that are primarily made from glass – or just those who have windows where chinks of sunlight shine through, an air conditioning system can be the solution to provide much-needed relief. 

This glare from the sun can warm up your flat to over 25 degrees centigrade and cause you to risk opening windows – if they even open at all – or even worse, suffer in silence in your own home. 

Previous clients at Cool You have said they hadn’t realised how much distress the absence of consistent, cooling air was causing them until after they had their unit installed. 

Many of us in the UK have felt the sweet relief of getting into our workplace and enjoying the soothing effect air conditioning has, especially after taking the hot and sweaty underground on your morning commute.

With the changes in weather we have experienced over the last few years, more and more months of the year are subject to bouts of sunshine and hot temps. 

When heatwaves do hit we are often entirely unprepared and find ourselves suffering dramatically when there is a very simple solution.

Internal air conditioning is ideal for all London apartment owners, whether you live in a gorgeous new build in Elephant & Castle or a listed property in Kensington. 

Not only are planning permission not required with a Cool You air conditioner, the hassle-free installation, whisper-quiet technology, and excellent user controls make it the perfect solution.

Should you need any help working out the best air-conditioning solution for your home, please contact us today and we’ll be happy to help..