wall mounted retrofit air conditioning

Behind The Scenes: Wall Mounted Retrofit Air Conditioning Unit For London Apartments

This week, our Managing Director Savva is showing off a Cool You wall mounted retrofit air conditioning unit we recently installed in a beautiful, newly built London apartment

You can watch Savva and see our fully internal air conditioning system in the video below:

Here’s how our wall mounted retrofit air conditioning works:

Positioned centrally above utility cupboard doors in the open plan kitchen/living area, the wall unit is blowing out air. During the site survey, a single system was specified to neutralise the heat and cool the entire apartment.

The pipework did not go into the ceiling. Accordingly, we didn’t have to do any remedial work for the apartment. Our team quickly installed our fully internal air conditioning system in one day.

The condenser is directly behind the room unit in the utility cupboard, out of the way. However, in this apartment, the utility cupboard was relatively small. It housed the washing machine, incoming services and storage boxes. Due to a lack of space and to avoid access problems in the future, we suspended the condenser on a specially-made cradle from stainless steel rods.

This retrofit installation is typical of many new or recently built apartments we survey and install our air conditioning system throughout London.

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