Which Internal Air Conditioning Systems Is Right For You?

Which Cool You Internal Air Conditioning System Is Right For You?

Many of our customers have questions about the different types of internal air conditioning systems we can install for you.

Our first priority is to ensure you understand all your options before purchasing a Cool You internal air conditioning system.

That’s why our Managing Director, Savva, is explaining the two different types of internal air conditioning systems we offer in our latest video:

Wall Mounted Fully Internal Air Conditioning Solution

If you’re living in a beautifully finished, furnished London apartment, then our wall-mounted solution is the best for you.

We understand the difficulties of obtaining planning permission in London. This can be increasingly more difficult if the property is a Grade II listed building or it is in a conservation area. So for these properties, we propose a wall-mounted solution which means very little disruption to your decor, if anything at all.

We specialise in retrofit installations, which means that we can install one of our completely internal air conditioning systems in your finished London apartment without any hassle. Your decor, finishing, and furniture will be protected; it usually only takes one day.

With a retrofit style installation, it’s just us generally involved in the project. We would come along and manage the entire project ourselves.

Concealed Ducted System Fully Internal Air Conditioning Solution

If you’re undergoing a refurbishment or renovation, then one of our hidden duct internal air conditioning systems might be better.

You can still opt for one of our wall-mounted solutions, but our ducted systems offer a more discreet style, similar to what you may see in hotels. They are still the same system, just instead of wall-mount, there will be small vents that blend in with your wall.

With a full refurbishment type installation, we would work alongside your contractor and builders so we can coordinate the best solution.

In total, we offer two great types of air conditioning units without an outside unit. The solution that is right for you will depend on the type of property you wish to air condition and your budget.

Confused? Don’t be!

If these options are a little overwhelming for you, don’t worry. We’ll discuss everything with you during our free site surveys, which will take place after an initial discussion with you to understand your requirements and what we can provide.

Savva carries out our site surveys. He will establish the most efficient and cost-effective solution for you based on your requirements and, importantly, where we will position the condenser.

Contact us today to discuss your options, we would be more than happy to hear from you. Feel free to call us on 0207 043 2275 or email us at enquiries@coolyoudirect.co.uk. We hope to hear from you!