There are a host of questions running through your mind when looking for an air conditioning solution for your apartment. Savva is here to help.

Still confused about AC? Know the best air conditioning solutions for your apartment

We know how confusing buying air conditioning can be. Many questions will be running through your mind when looking for an air conditioning solution for your apartment, such as what kind of AC works best for the space.

How much should you spend? What’s the best company to go with?

Our Managing Director, Savva, is here to help. If you are still confused about the right air conditioning solutions for your apartment, watch this video or read below.

Air Conditioning Solutions For Your Apartment

With Google at our fingertips these days, finding information on the internet has never been easier.

You’ve spent a lot of time doing your research about AC.

You’ve read about it online. Maybe you have even spoken to various companies about their services. And yet, it’s all still a little bit unclear.

We can’t blame you. There’s a lot to take in. Many different AC products provide air conditioning solutions for apartment buildings and more.

But which one’s right for you? Are these companies offering you what you need?

Do you know what the best thing to do is? Call us because we’re here to help.

Honest advice

Air con is what we do, 24/7. You may have seen some of our many YouTube┬ávideos about air conditioning. Hopefully, you’ll see that this is our area of expertise.

We live and breathe air con, so let us do the heavy lifting for you.

We pride ourselves on giving good, honest advice. Whether it benefits us in the long run or not. That’s what we do and how we sleep well at night.

Knowing that we’ve helped you find the best solution is the aim of the game here.

We can quickly identify what’s possible in your circumstances. What it is that you need. Where everything should go and what sort of budget you’re looking at.

Portable air conditioning units

You may need a simple portable unit if you live in a small space. They are cheap and easily installed in a space requiring cooling.

These units plug into a standard electrical outlet and can cool a small room.

There’s no disruptive installation process with a portable unit. However, mobile units can take up much-needed space in the room you are cooling. Plus, they are noisy and don’t blend in with their surroundings.

Most importantly, you must open a window to remove the hot air. The portable unit needs to vent to the outside.

Opening a window isn’t ideal if you live in a ground-floor flat and must keep windows closed for security reasons.

Through-the-wall air conditioning

Alternatively, you might be best off with a through-the-wall unit to air condition small rooms.

They require holes made to the exterior property. So, if you live in a listed building or have strict planning permissions, you are unlikely to be allowed this option.

Conventional air conditioning

Conventional air conditioning is the best solution for an outside condenser unit on a wall, roof, or patio.

However, most London apartment blocks won’t allow them. Management and planning permissions are required to place the external condenser outside.

While these units are cheaper than entirely internal solutions, they might not necessarily be more cost-effective. If you consider scaffolding, length of pipe run and future maintenance access, they can cost more.

Internal air conditioning

In most cases, you have probably already considered the options above, only to be told you are not allowed a conventional air conditioning unit.

That’s why our entirely internal air conditioning solutions for apartments are ideal.

An entirely internal air conditioning solution offers the same quality and no compromise performance as a conventional system without needing an outdoor condenser unit.

The difference is that it’s fully contained within your property, eliminating the need for any external penetrations, permissions and planning consents that can sometimes make getting air conditioning a significant headache and expense.

Suppose you are looking to air condition a finished apartment. In that case, these systems result in minimal or no disruption or redecoration required.

Cool You: Air Conditioning Solutions For Your Apartment – How They Work

Cool You’s internal systems have two components: a wall mount and a condenser box.

We mount the wall unit in the room to be cooled and connected to a condenser. We aim to install the condenser in a concealed spot in your flat, typically in a utility or boiler room.

Refrigeration pipework connects both units. Our engineers will endeavour to hide the pipework in cavity walls or ceilings.

The system works exactly like a conventional system with an outside condenser. The only difference is that an external condenser uses the air outside to dissipate the heat.

The only way to remove the heat with an internal condenser is to use mains cold water.

Everything is done internally within your property with no external box to worry about, making it the ideal option for London apartment owners.

Whichever air conditioning product you require. We’ll guide you every step of the way to ensure you get the proper air conditioning solution you need.

Site Surveys

We conduct detailed site surveys. These ensure we know which solution works best for your property.

Savva will walk you through how our solution will work during these visits. And, importantly, the best place to put it.

If, during this visit, we feel that an alternative solution will give you better results, we will guide you towards that solution. We won’t start work until we’re 100% sure it’s the best product for you.

We know that good customer service means selling you the product you need. Not one that might make our company a quick buck.

Consequently, if you’ve researched air con units but still need some guidance or reassurance. Give us a call today at 0207 043 2275 or email

We’re here to sort out the proper air conditioning for your property, and we look forward to hearing from you.