where to place the air conditioner

Prioritising Where To Place Your Air Conditioner

Advising and explaining the best place to fit your completely internal air conditioning system is what we do for all apartment owners and house owners that are not allowed an external unit, who contact us

Different factors often come into play when deciding where to place air conditioner units, and these factors vary from person to person. Where you choose to place your air conditioner unit will determine its efficiency.

Ultimately, you need to ensure that the internal air conditioning unit has plenty of space and air for optimal operation.

Our expert explains in the short video exactly where to place your internal AC unit.


where to place your internal AC unit.

Individual units

If you have a single AC unit but you are living in an open plan two-bedroom apartment, you need to consider your daily routine before choosing the perfect spot for the unit.

In such a scenario, you may consider setting up the air conditioner in the open living area, where family members spend most of their time watching TV, enjoying their meals or making small talk.

If you’re concerned about regulating the temperature in your bedroom at night time, it’s important to note that by the time dusk falls, the air conditioner should have regulated the room temperatures in the entire apartment.

Nevertheless, some people spend very little time in their open living spaces. If you are such a family or couple, and you spend most of your time outdoors, converging in the evening on a daily basis, you could consider shifting the internal AC unit into the bedroom.

Essentially, the most appropriate spot for the unit would be the largest or the most utilised room.

Two units

In the event that you have two systems, you have the option of placing your AC units even more effectively in the home.

This means that alongside the unit in the open plan living area, you can either opt to put the second AC in the master bedroom or another large area within your house.

The great thing about a Cool You internal system is that you don’t need to hide it from view. Unlike many traditional air conditioners, our solutions are sleek, white, and blend in seamlessly to your decor.

This means that we can effectively place the air conditioner where it will serve the whole apartment efficiently, without having to hide it from view.

Multi-unit systems

This kind of system allows you to place individual units in many different spaces around your home.

When prioritising where to place your internal AC unit, you need to know that there are numerous options depending on your personal needs.

Since you will not be altering their positions any time soon, you should place them in the most convenient areas. Our team of expert engineers will work with you to help identify the exact places to install the AC units to keep your home cool.

All indoor units should be located away from light bulbs in the room

Have you ever wondered why your air conditioner keeps running non-stop, even after reaching the set temperature? There is a chance that your AC unit is working overtime to cool down your bulbs.

This is a matter that one needs to be vigilant about when picking a spot for an AC unit. Realising this will save you a lot of money in the long run.

Remember, if you install the indoor unit next to a light bulb or any electronic device that generates heat, the sensor on your air conditioner might not detect the actual temperature changes in the room.

Due to the object emitting heat, your AC may run non-stop, consuming a lot of unnecessary energy and cooling your room to an uncomfortable level.

Keep the space well ventilated

Blocking the air conditioner vents with furniture, decorations or curtains can limit air circulation. You should ensure you keep the AC unit unobstructed by furniture and other items to guarantee maximum output from your unit.

An air conditioner works best when it’s surrounded by plenty of space and where air flows freely.

If you stuff the surrounding space, it will most likely suffocate and won’t do much to regulate the temperature of your rooms.

Ensure it’s placed as high as possible

Remember, hot air goes up and cold air comes down, so if you install an AC unit at ground level, it will either take longer to achieve the required temperature or not cool your room down at all.

Either way, you’ll be spending more money for an unsatisfactory result. By installing the unit in a higher position, the room will be cooled much quicker and there will be enough room for all the necessary pipes and ducting.

Your air conditioning system should be in a shaded area

Too much sunlight isn’t ideal for your AC unit.

If you leave the unit in direct sunlight, it will overheat and will be forced to work overtime to provide the cooling effects you need. Too much sunlight can also lead to the development of mechanical problems over time.

By protecting your unit from sun exposure, you will increase its lifespan and will reap maximum benefits from the device.

Cool You Air conditioning requires no outside unit.

Another great thing about Cool You’s completely internal solutions is that our air conditioning requires no outside unit. Our condensers are fitted completely inside your property, usually hidden underneath a kitchen sink, tucked away in a utility room, or placed in a cupboard.

There is no pipework on display. We work with you to come up with the best location for the condenser to maximise efficiency as well as space.

Our internal condensers are small and suitable for all kinds of properties. No planning permission is usually required for any of our self-contained air conditioning solutions, making it a perfect option for listed buildings and London apartments.

There you go, a few important tips that you should keep in mind when prioritising where to place air conditioner units.

The different types of AC units available should be considered first when looking for the perfect fit for your home. The next consideration is the most used rooms in your home, as this will help determine high traffic areas that require air conditioning the most.

If you still require more guidance or advice on where to place air conditioner units, contact Cool You today. We’re happy to advise you on where to place air conditioners in your home as well as your business.