Air Conditioning Mistakes

3 Common Internal Air Conditioning Mistakes

Did you know there are some really common air conditioning mistakes people make when buying or considering buying a fully internal system? Savva, Managing Director of Cool You UK, is here to give you the heads up on the most common mistakes people make and how you can avoid them.

Three Air Conditioning Mistakes

Number one: not spending enough

Everyone wants to save money, so it’s tempting to cut corners on any purchase we make these days. But one of the top air conditioning mistakes is not investing enough money in the initial purchase.

Air conditioning is a big investment and will keep your home cool and welcoming for many years to come. Making sure you spend the right amount of money now could save you a fortune down the line, especially when you consider the other points in this list.

Don’t make mistake number one, and try and save money by purchasing a product that doesn’t really suit your needs.

Buying a ‘budget’ AC unit from a company that won’t support you means you won’t have a system that lasts very long, and very little help if and when things do go wrong.

Don’t forget that a fully internal system means that you have minimal or no disruption to your existing décor, so it’s worth thinking about how this can save you money in the long run, too.

There are no redecorating or refurbishing costs, something which can’t always be avoided with conventional AC units.

All Cool You wall-mounted AC units can be controlled by WiFi, meaning you can switch them on and off from anywhere in the world.

This gives you ultimate control and can save you a fortune in energy costs compared with non -WiFi-enabled units. So, the cost isn’t always in the installation, and you might find hidden costs even with seemingly ‘cheaper’ AC solutions.

With that in mind, it’s clear to see there are plenty of savings to be had with a fully internal air conditioning system.

Number two: the wrong product

On a similar note, make sure you’re not choosing a product that isn’t right for you simply because you haven’t taken the right advice.

Our second contender for top air conditioning mistakes is not checking what kind of air conditioning unit is really going to suit your space.

By this, we mean that you don’t want a unit which is either too big or doesn’t have the correct airflow to suit your particular room.

For example, in the bedroom, you don’t want something too aggressive, as this will keep you awake and uncomfortable.

For AC in the bedroom, Cool You customers enjoy our blackout feature, which turns all LEDs and flashing lights off, so sleep isn’t interrupted by the power lights on the AC.

This is just one example where talking to an experienced professional can get you a better result.

Another feature many enjoy in our solutions is how whisper-quiet they are. Not only is this great for sleeping, but it’s also perfect if your unit is in your living room. You no longer have to turn the TV up to top volume!

If the unit is for your living room, where you might sit for a couple of hours watching TV, a movie or playing video games.

You don’t want the unit blowing at the back of your neck and causing muscular pain.

For very large or very high-ceilinged rooms, Cool You provides a function called iFEEL, which can help create a micro-climate for the ideal temperature wherever you are in your home by using your controller as a remote thermostat.

The type of product is so important when considering your AC needs.

Positioning and type of unit are just two of many things that have to be considered. The only way to ensure all the areas of concern have been looked at is with a detailed site survey from an experienced surveyor.

Number three: no support

Another common mistake AC buyers make is choosing a company that offers limited support.

Does the company you choose to have their own in-house engineers who are going to look after the product for you in the years to come?

You might believe that you purchased a fantastic product on day one, but what you need is a product that’s going to last and that you can rely upon for years to come.

And, on the rare occasion that something does go wrong, you want a team that’s going to be there year after year to help you out with any problems, whether that’s maintenance, repairs, or parts replacements.

Cool You has in-house engineers, five-year maintenance and warranty, and we carry all the spare parts required. We will also sign you up for our maintenance programme.

Typically, we will attend your property once a year, although this might change depending upon your individual application.

We keep your details on our database, and when we visit you annually, we maintain and service your AC equipment to ensure it remains running at optimal efficiency.

You’ll only be invoiced after the maintenance visit, so there is no risk of paying upfront only to have an engineer let you down or fail to show. You only ever pay for work and service once it’s done.

We always agree on a mutually convenient time to make the whole process as easy as possible for you, our customer.

We also have a 24-hour, 7-days a week helpline should any emergencies with your solution arise.

Ultimately, we’re with you every step of the way, from the moment you make an initial enquiry via the phone or our website, right the way through to the years to come when we’ll be looking after your top-of-the-line internal AC equipment for you.

We are there for you. You are a customer with us for life; this is the Cool You experience.

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