Behind the scenes apartment internal air conditioning installation

Fully Internal Air Conditioning Installation: Behind The Scenes In A London Apartment

A lot of people want to see behind the scenes of a typical internal air conditioning installation.

In this week’s YouTube video, Cool You UK’s technical director Savva walks through a typical retrofit wall mounted solution in a brand new London apartment complex.

The owners of the apartment contacted us because they’d just moved in and it was too hot. The glass panes cause a lot of heat, the apartment itself is quite enclosed, and with the windows unable to open, there’s not much cross-breeze ventilation.

Savva came up with a fantastic solution to install two units in the master bedroom and the main living area.

The slim cooling units are located above the doors. They’re connected to the condenser, which is tucked away in a utility closet in the entrance way. All the pipe work that connects the cooling unit to the condenser goes through the ceiling. There’s nothing on show.

Our units also don’t have any branding. They’re sleek and white with a simple chrome line across the centre, which allows them to blend in with any decor.

The best part? The whole internal air conditioning installation only took a day. By4 pm, the system was finished, leaving the client to do nothing except enjoy their brand new AC!

For more examples like this, check out our case studies page. Interested in fitting out your overheated flat with one of our unique cooling systems? Contact us here!