Overheating London Flats Featured on BBC Radio 4

Overheating London Flats Featured On BBC Radio 4

This recent heat wave hitting the UK is one of the hottest on record. Not only does it make travelling, sleeping, and even working in this weather a pain, thousands of homeowners are in serious risk to their health due to overheating London flats.

According to a BBC Radio 4 report, new building methods and overheating London flats are a public health disaster waiting to happen.

Professor Kevin Lomas, a Loughborough academic and construction specialist, has been studying energy-saving features common in newer builds and warns that the lack of ventilation will be detrimental to homeowners in warmer temperatures. It could even be “potentially deadly”, particularly for older people who are more sensitive to heat.

These modern buildings, while energy-efficient, are often hot and airless, and lack proper ventilation. Combined with cheap materials, lack of standards for cooling, and a desire for councils to increase their energy efficiency regardless of overheating concerns, many residents are finding their day-to-day-life in their modern builds completely overwhelming.

One man who spoke to Radio 4 lives in a new apartment building with a south facing floor-to-ceiling glass wall. He claims that on average, the temperature in his flat gets to around 32-35 degrees, but he’s seen it be as high as 38.

As his wife works from home, it’s difficult to concentrate in the overwhelming heat, as well as very hard to drift off to sleep at night.

While air conditioning would grant an escape from the overwhelming heat and the overheating London flats, many apartments and listed properties are not allowed traditional external boxes.

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