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How Easy Is It To Fit Cool You’s Internal Air Conditioning?

Wondering how easy it is to fit air conditioning in your apartment?

Your home or apartment is your sanctuary and it can take months to perfect the aesthetic of your living space and decorate it according to your exact preferences.

You might have found yourself wondering how easy is it to fit air conditioning and if the difficulty and mess of installation are truly worth the benefits of a fully air-conditioned apartment.

In short, the entire process is easier and tidier than you might think, and you’ll be kicking yourself that you didn’t do it earlier.

The benefits of a fully internal air conditioning solution truly are innumerable and, best of all, our expert team make the whole process as smooth as possible, causing minimal disruption to the decor of your apartment that you’ve spent so long perfecting.

Don’t believe us? Watch our latest video where our managing director, Savva, answers the question ‘how easy is it to fit air conditioning with Cool You?’

No building is off-limits

In the past, you might have been told that fitting an air conditioning unit in your building would be too difficult; maybe it’s a heritage site or the structure of the building simply can’t cater for a unit.

However, the team at Cool You won’t take no for an answer and believe that everyone can benefit from an internal conditioning unit.

Conventional air conditioning units might even require planning permission, which can be a lengthy and arduous process that often puts people off getting the unit in the first place.

However, our air conditioning solutions eradicate the need for any planning permission as they are fully internal, keeping everything inside your property.

Years of experience

For the Cool You team, fitting internal air conditioning solutions comes naturally.

We have carried out hundreds of installations over the years, and to anyone who asks ‘how easy is it to fit air conditioning?’, our answer will always be the same: it’s very easy when you’re an expert.

We’ve worked in buildings of all shapes and sizes and know how to cater for each one; within minutes of surveying your property, we will instantly know how and where to fit your unit without causing any damage to the walls or interior.

Discreet installation

Discreet installation is our speciality. Our wall units will blend so seamlessly into your home’s design aesthetic you won’t even notice that they’re there. Similarly, if you choose a ducted option, we’ll install a sleek grill that will blend right in.

We hide the duct and pipework in the ceilings, meaning that there is nothing on show that would disrupt the overall appearance of your room.

You might think that alcoves and crevices would pose a challenge to the installation, but we use them to our advantage so that your unit is as hidden away as possible, while still providing sufficient airflow to the entire room.

Unlike a conventional unit, there is no need to drill on the outside of a building to fit them, meaning that no lasting and irreparable damage will be done to your outside walls.

At worst, your wall might require some minor paint touch-ups, but this is something that our team will be very upfront and honest about during the consultation and debrief.

If you live in a flat or apartment, you need to do everything you can to save space; you might be thinking that a bulky air conditioning unit is the last thing you need.

However, our units are sleek and compact, promising not to occupy much space at all. We tuck the internal condenser away under a kitchen sink, in a closet or in a storage cupboard.

If you’re worried about floor space, don’t be. Our solutions certainly take up less space than a regular floor fan.

Fast and efficient services

You might have been putting off getting an internal conditioning unit under the assumption that the installation could take weeks and disrupt your daily life.

However, at Cool You, efficiency is key. Typically our installations take just one day.

After you make an enquiry and we are installing your air conditioning unit, we will endeavour to be at your house around 8 am. Depending on your apartment and the type of installation, we could be finished as early as 4 pm.

There’s no need for a follow-up appointment, and our team will provide you with everything you require to keep the solution up and running.

Best of all, the installation is non-invasive, meaning that your room will be left just as spotless as it was when we entered.

Smooth user experience

It’s not just the actual installation of the air conditioning that’s easy; here at Cool You we prioritise the user experience and aim to simplify the entire process at every stage.

We will plan our site survey and day of installation around your busy schedule as your happiness is important to us.

Waiting all day for the workers to arrive can be frustrating, which is why we’ll always be punctual and keep you in the loop.

The air conditioning itself has been designed with you in mind; the simplistic controls can be navigated by even the biggest technophobes, who can easily use iFeel and wifi-control to feel cool all day and night.

One thing that might seem difficult and intimidating when considering an internal conditioning unit is the amount of maintenance that they need after installation.

While it’s true that maintenance checkups and filter changes are all part of the aftercare, these tasks shouldn’t be considered difficult. In fact, we do everything for you.

Our team will run you through all of the basics and will even send you reminder emails and messages when your device requires some maintenance. That way you don’t need to worry about scheduling appointments a year in advance.

Contact Cool You

If you’ve been wondering ‘how easy is it to fit air conditioning?’, contact a member of the Cool You team today.

Our 5-star reviews speak for themselves.

We have a great level of knowledge and expertise and will be able to answer any initial queries you may have about the process and how easy the solutions are to install and use.

Fully air-conditioned living space will truly revolutionise your life, and you shouldn’t let the fear of difficulty and uncertainty prevent you from experiencing it.

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