London air conditioning installation

Will there be any mess or disruption during my installation?

Unsurprisingly, one of the most frequent questions we are asked at Cool You is whether there will be any mess, disruption or major work required as part of our London air conditioning installation service.

We know it can sometimes be a headache having a team of workmen let loose in your home, particularly for something that seems like a major job, such as an air conditioning system.

In an effort to allay any concerns or fears you may have as a potential customer, here’s a comprehensive guide on what you can expect from us if you order one of our systems.

We completely understand your concerns

Firstly, we understand your anxiety when considering having an air conditioning system fitted in your finished house or apartment.

Since over 90% of our air conditioning installations are retro-fitted, we come across similar concerns all the time from people worried about the impact on their home.

We know that these worries are particularly pressing if you happen to have an apartment, flat or house decorated to a high specification, with lovely or valuable furniture that you’re worried about having to move around.

You might also be thinking about the fixtures and fittings you already have in place and whether they will affect the installation. Another common concern is if a customer has a fine polished or wooden floor that they worry will be scratched or damaged.

Perhaps you have pristine wallpaper or a finely painted and decorated room and can’t imagine how the installation would work. Don’t worry – we understand. Most aspects of our work are no cause for concern and certainly won’t affect your home or furnishings.

We have many years of experience

We undertake hundreds of London air conditioning installations every year and have been doing it for a long time.

Importantly, a significant chunk of our experience is exactly in the area that causes the most worry – that of installed, internal solutions in already finished homes or apartments.

Rest assured it’s not only apartments at the first or second fix stage that can benefit from air conditioning systems; they can be seamlessly installed later with little or no fuss.

All of our London air conditioning installations are carried out by our in-house engineers.

Other companies may not use installation staff with consistent experience in this area, or they may even have inexperienced staff contracted in from outside their organisation.

We don’t do this because our staff, engineers and installers are in-house; they work for and have been trained by us.

This means that they have a vast amount of personal experience in air conditioning installations and have ‘seen it all’, and can prepare for any type of home in all situations.

You may think you have a complicated bespoke job or can’t see how you can get air conditioning in your listed apartment or very small, awkwardly laid out flat.

Again, many of our engineers know exactly how to tackle installations in finished apartments of all kinds and all shapes and sizes.

What you can expect from us when we’re in your home

Initially, we will assess where we’re going to install the air conditioning system, taking all necessary precautions into account.

This includes carefully moving any furniture or objects that may be in the way and protecting or covering ones that remain in the installation areas using professional coverings.

The same applies to any flooring – it will be covered and protected from our footfall and any movement that takes place in the apartment. Once the protection is in place, the installation process can begin.

This is probably easier and simpler than you imagine.

We are specialists in running visible installation components such as pipework and all associated parts of the system out of sight.

This means that we often put the pipework behind walls, over ceilings, into voids or gaps in the walls, and other similar creative places where they remain out of sight with no disruption to your décor or furnishings.

For an average-size apartment, you would usually have between one and three systems installed in order to effectively air condition the rooms you would like to have cooled.

We usually install the condenser in a utility space (for example, where washing machines or other similar utilities are kept).

Any pipework is then run from the condenser up into the ceiling voids or similar gaps where it is kept out of sight and can be fitted seamlessly.

The pipes end in the specific rooms that you’d like to have cooled, exiting in typical air conditioning vents that look exactly the same as ones fitted when an apartment or house is built.

You’d be very hard pressed to find a difference between one of our retro-fitted systems and one that has been in the building from day one – there will be no parts or pipework on show and very little if any, touching up is required.

Extra protection and reassurance

All of our installers and engineers are fully trained and are qualified and insured to a very high level.

This is only a precaution in case of the unexpected, but it should put your mind at rest when it comes to wondering how much mess and disruption could be caused by an air conditioning unit installed in your home. The short answer is usually none at all!

If you’d like to have internal air conditioning installed in your home but aren’t sure how to go about it or how it would work in your particular house, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

At Cool You, we do our best to answer questions and reassure you that you too can have retro-fitted air conditioning that looks like it has always been part of the fabric of your apartment. Why not give us a call today?