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Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about London apartment installations

Heat is important for our wellbeing, but an environment that is too hot can cause some serious health complications.

To avoid this it’s best to invest in an air conditioning solution that will provide good air quality and regulate temperature.

Cool You’s signature fully internal air conditioning solutions are the perfect option for London apartment owners looking to cool down in the summer.

If you’re looking for a new air conditioner for your apartment, Cool You UK can help. Let’s take a closer look at some common air conditioning FAQs.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Could a water-cooled air conditioning unit cause damage to my apartment?

This is the most frequently asked question as people fear that the water from the unit might leak and damage their property.

However, this will not happen as water doesn’t flow to any other part of your property – it’s contained and restricted to the condenser box.

This is the only place where we attach a water supply.

Where will the internal condenser be installed?

When we’re completing an internal condenser installation, we arrange to conduct a site survey.

The site surveys conducted by Savva, our Managing Director at Cool You, will gauge your requirements and help him choose the most efficient and cost-effective solution for your needs.

Another important thing he will do is identify the right position for installing the condenser in your apartment.

We can place air conditioning units in one or multiple rooms, and the condenser can be tucked away out of sight under the sink, in a utility cupboard, or even suspended in the laundry area.

We’ll make sure that it’s concealed discreetly and won’t take much space.

Will there be any mess?

Nobody wants a mess being left behind after a repair or installation. Our installation team take great care when doing the work to minimise the disruption to your apartment.

When we complete installation, we can place condensers inside utility cupboards where possible, and all pipes are neatly concealed in the ceiling.

As an added bonus, since our internal solutions are completely inside your property, our installation won’t even disrupt your neighbours.

How long do air conditioning installations typically take?

A standard installation will take one working day. However, the number of rooms and the intricacy of the installation will influence the time it takes to finish the job.

The team usually start the installation as early as possible (between 7 am – 8 am) and is normally finished by 4 pm.

Is planning permission required for air conditioning solutions without an outside condenser?

Everything is internally placed. Therefore no planning permission is needed from the local council.

However, we advise customers to read their lease or freehold agreement, and in case of any doubt, they should seek clarification from their landlord or freehold agent.

Savva also advises you to check with the management team of your apartment block to see if there are any restrictions within the lease.

What kind of buildings can you install air conditioning into?

We can install units in residential apartments, both new build and grade 2, as well as listed buildings and conservation areas.

We have also installed air conditioning units in residential loft conversions and small commercial spaces like offices, shops and medical centres.

Can you advise me on the running costs of internal air conditioning systems?

According to Savva, it’s difficult to provide the exact costs of running the system, but we should be able to offer an accurate overview of the costs once we know your exact requirements.

However, you should bear in mind the following factors:

• The size of the room: the bigger the space, the more it will take to cool;

• The number of people inside the room;

• The heat coming in from outside;

• The functions of the room: the kitchen will generate more heat than the living area, for example.

Are these solutions beneficial to sufferers of hay fever or chest problems?

Yes, they are. Our systems can filter air as it is being cooled and dehumidified. Specific advice will be given depending on your condition.

How long after ordering can I expect my air conditioning unit to be installed?

After ordering, we always try and fit within your timescale, bearing in mind how many rooms there are to be air-conditioned.

How much warranty do air conditioning systems come with?

Each internal air conditioning solution comes with a full 5-year parts and labour warranty, as long as you follow our planned maintenance contract. This is the best warranty on the market.

Can I see an example of your work?

Absolutely! You could even take a look at the project we’ve recently completed at a high-end apartment block in London, as Savva explains in the video below:

If you send us a message, we can give you the address.

Because we installed a unit in the concierge area, you’re welcome to take a look at the installation and experience the benefits for yourself.

The concierge is there from 8.30 am to 6 pm and will be happy to talk to you about the installation. Hopefully, he’ll be able to explain just how beneficial it is!

If you’re looking to install an air conditioning system in your apartment, contact Cool You UK today.

You can reach out to us, and we’ll be happy to answer any more air conditioning FAQs you may have.

We have been in business for over ten years and boast vast experience in the field. There’s nobody better to take care of your air conditioning needs!