How To Prepare Your Apartment For Summer

How To Prepare Your Apartment For Summer

Summer is right around the corner, and learning how to prepare your apartment for summer heat is a must.

Whether it’s your first summer in an apartment, or you’re a seasoned pro looking to bring your cooling solutions up to date, Cool You is here to help you through the coming months.

Our Managing Director, Savva, shares his top tips on preparing your apartment for summer in the video below.

Preparation is key

Living in an apartment is easy and practical. However, during the summer months, your calm lifestyle can be ruined by the rate at which your apartment traps heat.

The way to avoid this quickly becoming a hot, unhealthy disaster is to ensure that you prepare your apartment for summer.

Customers often report that their apartment is like a conservatory, mainly if it is on a higher floor and contains large windows. This makes it hard for heat to dissipate efficiently.

Apartments can also quickly become humid and stuffy in hot weather, retaining moisture and heat from the day long into the night.

Over 70% of apartment owners report feeling too uncomfortable to sleep well during the summer, even with a stand-alone fan blasting on high all night, yet very few apartments come prepared with their own cooling systems.

Many improvements are simple and effective and will ensure that your apartment is well-prepared for those balmy summer evenings.

Why do apartments get so hot?

The insulation level in buildings is generally much higher in apartments, resulting in decreased heating bills throughout the winter.

However, this insulation can prove less than handy during the summer – holding in the midday heat throughout the night.

Equally, the focus on large areas of glass in modern apartment design looks fantastic and can really improve light reach in a home. Still, while the views are incredible, these large panes of glass can quickly turn the average apartment into an oven during the summer months.

Apartments trap heat far more than other types of homes, with recent research by the Committee on Climate Change estimating that almost 20% of apartments overheat during the summer.

Your best starting point is now.

For many, opening a window seems like the most straightforward option. While practical, however, this is not always the best solution.

Busy streets mean that apartments are not immune to pollution, with residents often finding that even on the top floors, the air inside their apartments becomes muggy and dirty after leaving windows open for a short period of time.

Security can be compromised by an open window, and noise will quickly become an issue late into the night. Plus, if you have pets, leaving a window open might be risky.

So how can you ensure that come the summer, you are not faced with these issues?

Preparation is key – the best time to start looking at your air conditioning system is right before the summer, ensuring that you will be ready to enjoy the glorious weather.

What systems are out there?

The best air conditioning systems out there adapt to your needs. Cool You aims to find a system that suits your own apartment.

In most cases, London apartment owners are not allowed to fit a traditional air conditioning system as it requires holes and penetrations to the exterior of the property.

Cool You’s completely internal condensers are the answer to that problem. With our solutions, nothing is required on the outside of the property, making it a perfect solution for London apartment owners.

The whisper-quiet technology ensures that there won’t be any noise from the system keeping you up at night.

We also offer iFeel technology. With easy-to-use temperature control at the touch of a button, this is a smart and stylish approach to atmosphere control.

There are a huge variety of solutions out there, and the ethos of Cool You is to find a solution that matches your apartment perfectly. Our experts will help to prepare your apartment for summer by listening to your exact needs.

Which solution is best for you?

The sheer amount of solutions out there can be daunting, particularly if you are living in an apartment block with various regulations.

Our team at Cool You know that air conditioning is a significant investment, and we want you to have the best internal solutions for your apartment.

We are specialists in internal air conditioning systems, and our experts love keeping on top of recent developments.

For the majority of London apartment owners, our solutions are the best and only option.

With no external condensers to worry about, a Cool You solution is ideal for retrofitting in apartments and listed buildings.

How can Cool You help you?

We’ve designed the perfect internal air conditioning system for London apartment owners, and our solutions have been installed across the city, from sheltered accommodation in Hampstead Heath to riverside living in Battersea.

Let us help you to make the most of the summer by providing a perfectly designed, completely internal escape from the heat. For help on how to prepare your apartment for summer, contact Cool You today.