4 more Myths About Air Conditioning Systems

4 MORE Myths About Air Conditioning Systems

There are lots of myths out there about air conditioning systems that many people may believe are fact.

Lucky for you, our technical director Savva is back and busting some of those common myths we hear quite frequently about our internal air conditioning systems.

Myth #1: Running your air conditioning system costs you a lot

This simply isn’t true.

Typically, if you’re running our air conditioning in the middle of the summer, you will use between £1-3.50 per day on average to cool your apartment. Compare this to the cost of a daily cup of coffee, and it works to be around the same price. So it’s not very expensive at all to run your Cool You air conditioning system.

Myth #2: Air Conditioning systems are a waste of money

Nope, definitely not. Not only will an air conditioning system increase the quality of living for yourself, but it will also add value and make it easier to sell or rent your apartment.

Think about it: people looking to buy or rent see many different properties. If you live in a building and your apartment is the only one with air conditioning, potential buyers straight away move you to the top of the list because you stand out from the competition.

So in reality, a Cool You air conditioning system keeps you happy and healthy, plus adds value to your property!

Myth #3: Air conditioning is only for the summer

Living in the UK, it’s easy to question if air conditioning is needed. Usually, we only have about 2-3 really hot weeks in the summer, so what’s the point?

Well, even in cooler summers, particularly in London, it can be very humid.  This summer was a huge game changer, as it was the hottest in the UK on record, and summers are only likely to continue to heat up. So it’s not just about a few weeks anymore. Plus add in much improved internal air quality and the security of not having to open windows, if your apartment is on a lower floor

Many of our past Cool You customers have told us that they use their air conditioning systems all year round! While they initially thought they’d only use them for a few weeks in the summer, it turns out that our clients have found it a huge relief throughout the rest of the year.

Our air conditioning systems keep London apartment owners cool on those really peak summer days as well as dehumidifying and cleaning the air. Our solutions leave a nice feel throughout the apartment, keeping it a consistent temperature no matter the season, which helps people sleep better and keeps allergies at bay. So no, air conditioning isn’t just for the summer!

Myth #4: Air conditioning isn’t economical

A lot of people believe that keeping your system running for prolonged periods of time isn’t the wallet-friendly option.

In reality, this is the best way to run your AC! Our completely internal air conditioning systems stop running when the ideal temperature is reached throughout your apartment. Instead of blasting it on and off multiple times a day, leaving it on while you are out at say 22-24c, depending on how warm and humid it can become, will ensure that there is a consistent temperature in your apartment all day, and for your return.

All Cool You internal air conditioning systems come with iFeel temperature control, which uses a sensor to regulate the room temp. It also ensures that our solutions are energy efficient. We’re the most energy efficient on the market, reducing running costs by up to 40-50% compared to our competitors.

So contrary to popular belief, air conditioning really doesn’t cost a lot, it adds value to your property, it’s useful all year round, and it can be economical and energy efficient!

If you would like to find out more information about our air conditioning systems or have any questions about the best solution for your property, give us a call on 0207 043 2275 or fill out this form.