Why Our Internal Air Conditioning Units Are Perfect For Flats

Why Our Internal Air Conditioning Units Are Perfect For Flats

One big problem when you live in a flat is keeping cool during the hot summer months. While many apartments are prepared for the winter with super-efficient insulation, the same can’t be said about the summer.

This is when you need to embrace internal air conditioning units. These systems provide your flat with a welcome alternative to popular cooling methods. They are also well suited to both the layout and structure of the modern flat.

Very often, opening a window will only draw in warm heat, while a fan will simply circulate warm air.

If you are wondering about the benefits of installing a Cool You internal air conditioning solution in your flat, then you need to know that there are so many benefits associated with these systems.

Below we explore why our Cool You internal air conditioning units are perfect for flats.


1. You don’t need planning permission

One of the biggest reasons for installing a Cool You internal air conditioning unit in your flat is that you usually don’t need planning permission.

This is obviously a huge advantage as many traditional air conditioners with external condensers are not permitted in London apartments.

Not having to request planning permission cuts down the amount of paperwork and does not take months in planning and preparation.

One of the main reasons that our internal air conditioning units do not require planning permission is that they have no direct impact upon your neighbours or exterior property.

The solution is self-contained within your apartment, so it does not cause an obstruction outside. Both the wall-mount and the condenser are tucked away inside, meaning that there will be no disturbance to the outside look of the building or to your neighbours.

While in most cases planning permission is not needed, we always advise that you check with your landlord, property manager or your lease to double-check that installation is permitted.

2. Retrofit or ideal for a refurbishment

One of the biggest worries that individuals have when considering the installation of an internal air conditioning system is the amount of mess that might be created and the possible damage to internal walls and decor.

The good news is that the installation of a Cool You internal air conditioning solution will cause no changes to your existing decor, so if you’ve recently decorated you needn’t worry about having to redecorate after installation.

One popular type of installation choice is a retrofit, which works with your existing decor to make a stunning contemporary feature in keeping with your tastes. The only thing that is on show is the wall-mount, which blows air into the room. This is ideal for all apartments in London, including listed properties or new builds.

If you’re undergoing a refurbishment or renovation, we also have a ducted unit that could work for you. We’ll talk to your contractor and install the unit during construction, so the solution can be incorporated into the overall design so that it is completely hidden.

3. Modern and sleek design for internal air conditioning units

Cool You internal air conditioning units are sleek, modern and perfect for contemporary living.

They require no outside condensing unit, as the condenser is installed discreetly within the flat.

This can be anywhere within the property, but in most cases, the condenser is housed under the sink or in a cupboard. This is made possible because the condenser is incredibly compact.

We really do design ultra-contemporary air conditioning solutions that come with sleek and easy to use features.

The wall-mount unit is sleek and white, with no branding visible. It also comes with unique features, such as Wifi control and iFeel temperature. Just as our homes are equipped with the very latest technology for cooking and lighting our homes, the Cool You solution will blend effortlessly into the tech-friendly and modern apartment.

4. Quiet air conditioning system

Most people assume that air conditioners are noisy when switched on, but this is simply not true with a Cool You internal solution.

Our system is incredibly quiet, even when it is set on high, operating at just 26 decibels. This is ideal if you work from home or if you don’t want a noisy unit interrupting family movie night.

If you prefer to sleep with the air conditioning on, then our whisper-quiet technology is perfect. It won’t keep you awake; instead, it will actually improve your quality of sleep as you’ll be cool and comfortable.

Not only are quiet internal air conditioning units good for you during the day and night, but they are also great for your neighbours.

When you live in such close proximity to each other you don’t want to hear your neighbours, and they don’t want to hear your noisy air con unit. So Cool You really is a perfect option for apartment owners.

5. Blackout system in the bedroom

Space is often limited in small flats and if you choose to have the air conditioning unit in your bedroom then the good news is that it comes with a blackout option.

This means that there will be no bright lights or flashing LEDs while the system is in operation.

This will obviously prevent your room from being flooded with light while you sleep, which could otherwise wake you up.

In an open-plan flat, it’s also advantageous to use this blackout feature to create a sense of calm and to reduce distractions as you sit and watch TV, eat dinner, unwind or have guests over.

Additionally, it’s also a great feature if you work from home in an open plan room.

6. Controlled via WiFi

The entire air conditioning system is WiFi-enabled and can be controlled via the front panel or the remote control.

So if you are in the kitchen and the unit is in the living room, you can simply use the remote control, or even your smartphone via our app, to lower or increase the room temperature.

This can be done anywhere in your flat, giving you the freedom to work and move as you wish. It can also be done anywhere in the world, which is perfect for those who are concerned about leaving the air con on while away.

Switching from the front of the unit to the remote control is also instantaneous and very easy.

All you have to do is push a button. The iFeel feature also allows you to adjust the temperature directly surrounding you in the immediate space.

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