is it more efficient to leave AC on?

Is it more efficient to leave your AC on?

Cooling your apartment can be an especially complicated task. 

It can also be an alarmingly costly one if you don’t take the time to look into the more efficient and effective ways of keeping your apartment as cool as possible on those warmer days. 

Wasting energy will not only cost you and your household more money, but will use more fossil fuels and energy sources. 

It’s never been easier to have an air conditioning unit installed in your home – and once you’ve experienced it, we can guarantee you’ll never look back. 

Is it more efficient to leave your AC on?

If you’re fortunate enough to have a good quality air conditioning unit within your apartment then taking advantage of this and utilising it to perform to the best of its ability is something that could be a complete game-changer within your home. 

Coming home to a stifling apartment after a long day at work is nobody’s idea of a good time – particularly in the UK where the heat can be especially sticky and humid, and the underground is boiling hot.

You should ask yourself a few questions about running your air conditioner, including:

  • What is the most efficient way of cooling my home? 
  • Should I blast the air out whenever the heat gets a little bit too much, or is it more efficient to leave AC on?
  • Will doing so cost me a fortune? 

All of these are important questions that have easy enough answers if you take the time to read on. 

At the end of the day, you should not have to sacrifice comfort in the name of keeping costs low, and effectively using the system you have in place within your apartment will ensure that you are able to be both comfortable and keep the running costs as low as possible.


Low and slow? Why is this the most efficient option for me?

If the temperature of your apartment is rising and becoming uncomfortable, then we would advise allowing your air conditioning system to run ‘low and slow’. 

By this, we mean leaving the air conditioning system to run consistently at the same temperature, say 21-22c, allowing the actual temperature of the room, walls, bed linen, cushions etc to feel comfortable  – as opposed to quickly trying to lower the temperature and humidity. 

The temperature of the cool air-conditioned air coming out of the unit is exactly the same as whatever temperature you set the thermostat. If the outside temperature for the day is forecast as 30c for example, set the thermostat to 5c less, ie 25c. 

It will still feel very nice when you come home. You can then drop the temperature by 1-2c at a time until you have the wanted conditions

Think about it like when you get in your car on a warm, humid day. As soon as you start to drive with the AC on, it will very quickly feel comfortable for you.

Actually, the AC is simply throwing cool dehumidified air over a hot surface, including you! Stop at a shop for 5 minutes, and when you return to your car, it will be uncomfortable again. Your home is much more energy-efficient than all the heat gaining glass and metal, so ‘low and slow’ is the way.

Your apartment – the foundations, walls of the building and everything in it – takes a long time to cool down to a temperature that you will be comfortable with. 

Simply blasting air conditioning at the lowest temperature possible as soon as you get home will not effectively lower the temperature of these foundations – the air itself will feel cool but the building will remain humid and as soon as you turn it off, it will quickly go back to being as warm and as humid as it was before you put it on. 

It’s not a wise investment of your money if you think about it that way. Ensuring that you are using the system effectively will without a doubt make your life much more comfortable and those hot days all the more tolerable. 

Your environment becomes controlled and collected – just the way you want it.

In contrast, using the ‘low and slow’ method dehumidifies the fabric of the building – as opposed to just the air within the room the air conditioning system resides in. 

Choose an optimum temperature at which you will feel the most comfortable and set your air conditioning unit, leaving it running on a low setting. 

This will effectively allow the air to gradually lower in temperature, as well as the surrounding walls and furniture, and work at maximum efficiency.

Your air conditioning unit won’t have to work as hard to run and you will feel the benefit of slow, consistent air. Slow and steady wins the race, after all. 

Tasks that had previously been difficult to carry out because of the heat of your apartment will now appear effortless – with sleep being one of the most difficult of tasks in a sticky and humid environment. 

Giving your air conditioning unit a little bit of tender loving care and ensuring that it works both efficiently and effectively will get rid of your discomfort, as well as improve the air quality within your living space. 

Is it more efficient to leave AC on? How Cool You can help:

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