Tips for renovating an old house

When Is The Best Time To Install AC?

If you need some top tips for renovating an old house, a great place to start is with your modern amenities. 

People choose to renovate their homes for many different reasons. 

Maybe you just want to improve the aesthetic surroundings, or perhaps you may even be looking to increase the sale value of your home by giving it a fresh and updated look.

Most of the time, renovating improves insulation and can make your home more energy efficient.

Even small improvements like replacing windows can actually make your apartment or home warmer – something you might not realise at the time.

If you’re doing more than just a quick touch-up of paint, the likelihood is that your improvements will make your apartment hotter.

This is great in the winter, but during the spring and summer months it can become very uncomfortable, especially if opening windows is not ideal due to outside noise, air quality, and security.

That why including the fitting of a completely internal air conditioning system during the works is well worth considering.

Once you’ve had an air conditioning unit installed, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them as there are so many reasons to invest in a quality air conditioning system

They can effortlessly cool your entire apartment or even your house, as you relax or sleep in a cool and comfortable environment. 

In summer, air conditioning solutions can regulate the temperature of your humid home.

In winter, the units are great at removing mould or dust particles from the home – perfect for those who suffer from allergies.

However, if you’re really interested in trying out an air conditioning solution for yourself and feel like they would bring a lot to your house or apartment, you might be faced with another big question: when is the best time to install AC? 

The answer depends entirely on your living situation, and what you want from your solution as well as what stage you’re currently at in your house renovation. 

These decisions will affect the efficiency of your machine at cooling your property, as well as the options available to you about where the unit, condenser, and other equipment can be placed. 

Here’s a comprehensive guide about the best time to install AC and how these decisions will impact your home renovations.

Retrofit installation

So you’ve just finished decorating your home and it probably looks gorgeous.

Each room has received a fresh coat of paint and there might even be a feature wall, adorned with expensive wallpaper and beautiful photographs.

However, air conditioning isn’t as commonly used in the UK and there are many myths and misconceptions surrounding the installation, which might have put you off getting AC before decorating your home. 

Some people know their building is off-limits for a traditional air conditioning unit, or they might even assume that they need planning permission to get a solution fitted; however, these misconceptions are far from the truth.

With Cool You, it’s easy to do a retrofit installation and we believe that no building is exempt from the joy of internal air conditioning. 

It’s never too late to get an internal air conditioning unit fitted, even after you’ve finished decorating.

Our expert team make the installation as discreet and minimally invasive as possible. 

Cool You’s retrofit installations can be done in a completely finished apartment, with nothing on show.

The wall unit is what blows cold air into the room and is located up high, such as above the door.

The unit is then connected to the internal condenser via hidden pipework in the ceiling.

The condensers typically sit in a utility room, under a kitchen sink, or in a cupboard hidden away.

We’ve dealt with many clients who have recently refurbished their home and they are always more than pleased with the results

We aim to work around your home’s aesthetic and decor. Plus, our sleek, white wall units blend in seamlessly to the natural design of the room.

However, with retrofit installation, your options are more limited as there might be fewer areas that the units can be placed. 

We want to disrupt the structure of the wall as little as possible, so it’s likely that you’ll have a wall-mounted unit, which is still an amazing device that works efficiently but it isn’t as discreet as a grill. 

While you are refurbishing

If you need tips for renovating an old house, the biggest piece of advice would be to plan well in advance. This will ensure that you have every feature in your home, including an air conditioning system before it’s too late. 

This is particularly useful if you’re interested in getting AC as installing a solution while refurbing increases your options.

If you decide in advance that you want to benefit from internal air conditioning early on, then we’ll have more options about where we can place the units.

This is not only a bonus for aesthetic reasons, but it is also advantageous for the efficiency of the units, as they’ll be able to cool a larger space.

You have the privilege of more options when you plan renovations.

You can choose to have a wall-mounted design, which is a particularly attractive option if you’re in a listed building or renting an apartment, or you can opt for a concealed system.

Plus, we can also work with your builders and contractors to come up with a solution perfect for you and your property.

A unit that’s discreetly built into the walls is most commonly seen in hotels and are often covered by a linear grill; most homes can also benefit from them and many prefer this because it is an attractive addition to the room, yet it also cools the space just as efficiently as a wall-mounted design. 

An air conditioning unit to suit you

We believe that everyone should benefit from air conditioning in their home, and there are many factors that can impact which unit you opt for. 

Your happiness is our top priority, which is why we alter our schedule to suit yours.

If your building renovations aren’t expected to take place for months, we’ll add you to our calendar and will be flexible with changes in building plans. We can come sooner or later if it suits your needs. 

Most importantly, we have a unit to suit your interior design preferences, even if a retrofit installation is called for. 

No matter when you decide to install AC and no matter which unit you choose to have in your home, our level of professionalism will remain the same. 

We understand that it can be difficult for you to determine when it’s the best time to install AC, but this isn’t a decision that you need to make on your own. 

Our expert team at Cool You know everything about internal air conditioning solutions and can analyse each unique case and give you our advice.

We can even give some useful tips for renovating an old house with air conditioning. If you have any queries, or want to book a consultation, contact a member of the Cool You team to see how we can help with your air conditioning needs.