benefits of working from home

Reap the benefits of working from home with air conditioning

There’s no denying that new technology is changing the way we work. Now, more people than ever are enjoying the benefits of working from home

Gone are the long, stressful commutes into the city to sit all day at the same desk.

There’s no more alternating between stuffy heat and icy blasts from air conditioners, which cannot cater to everyone’s needs. 

The ability to tailor your working environment to meet your requirements greatly benefits remote working. You can install high-quality air conditioning to keep your home at the right temperature and help you do your best work.

The everlasting battle of office AC

One and a half million people work from home every year. This number has doubled since 2008. It will rise even further. More organisations realise that the benefits of working from home go far beyond saving office space and reducing commute times.

Making the office environment suitable for all staff has always been challenging. 

One major cause of contention has been the battle of office air conditioning settings. For many, the arguments over who holds the AC controller remain ongoing.

Some organisations have attempted to resolve the climate issue by centrally controlling the AC. They are setting strict company policies to instigate unalterable, workplace-wide temperature settings. 

These policies can backfire. It can increase employee discomfort and resentment as some needs are unmet. Inflexible temperature settings cannot adapt to changes in weather conditions.

Meaning employees will be working in far-from-ideal temperatures with lower morale and productivity.

The drawbacks of office AC

Is your desk at work stuck under the AC airflow? You might suffer from some drawbacks of a communal air con system. 

Signs include:

  • Feeling uncomfortably cold.
  • Getting a crick in your neck.
  • Experiencing irritated, dry eyes and scratchy, dry skin.

Over time, you could work more slowly, put on weight, or even get sick. 

These ongoing workplace conflicts are no small matter in the grand scheme.

In the UK, around 2% of office hours are estimated to be wasted on discussions over climate control. Over a year, this amounts to a £13 billion hit to the economy!

However, one of the significant benefits of working from home is that it means the mundane, daily battle over who gets to control the temperature of the AC is finally over, at least for you. 

Improving the climate at home with AC

These days, many young professionals in London can enjoy the perks of living and working in a beautiful apartment with super-efficient insulation that keeps you warm during the year’s colder months.

However, summer in the city can be a very different experience when trying to control the temperature in your home. 

Attempting to cool your apartment down by opening a window can very often result in drawing in more warm air from outside. 

Similarly, attempts to cool off with a fan will circulate that hot air and offer little relief. 

Feeling overheated can very quickly cause sleepiness, as can high humidity levels, and this fatigue lowers concentration levels.

Being overheated makes working at home efficiently during the summer much more difficult, if not impossible. 

What’s more, trying to ventilate your home by opening windows can increase the glare from the sun. Screen glare can distract and make screen work difficult, causing eye strain. 

Outside noise from the city, such as traffic and sirens entering through an open window, can be deafening. This noise will break your concentration and increase your stress levels.

Benefits of working from home – AC can increase comfort and productivity

The best solution is to balance the temperatures in your apartment with a specialist internal air conditioner. 

Circulating cool, fresh air is monitored to maintain the exact temperature at which you work best. It can help you relax into your working day and become more efficient, significantly increasing overall productivity. 

Studies have shown an increase in productivity when working at the right temperature.

One study examining the impact of room temperature on employee efficiency tracked the work rate of a group of insurance clerks. 

The results were significant. It shows that productivity halved when the room temperature dropped by just five °C, with staff members making twice as many mistakes as before. 

Evidence suggests that good decision-making can be adversely affected by too much warmth. 

Scientists told students to choose the best-value phone package. There were two options: a cool room and a warm room. 

The students in the cool room correctly chose the most cost-effective plan. They did this twice as often as those in the warmer room.

Installing AC into your home is easy.

Cool You’s internal air conditioning solutions are well suited to the layouts of modern apartments. 

These systems are self-contained, meaning there is no need to gain planning permission to install our systems. They have no impact on surrounding properties or outside space. 

Our modern, attractively designed units are incredibly compact with features allowing for easy retrofitting or installation while you renovate your apartment.

Noise will not be an issue – the room units are also whisper-quiet. The units can keep you cool without distracting you from your work. You can easily adjust the room’s ambient temperature with complete WiFi control. You don’t even have to get up from your desk. 

So, if you would like more information on how Cool You’s internal AC solutions could improve your experience of working from home, please get in touch with our team.