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Invisible air conditioning solutions


Cooling your home without a large air conditioning unit

For properties where an outside condenser is not suitable, either due to aesthetic or practical reasons, we offer our invisible air conditioning systems. These do not require an outside condenser unit but instead utilise a a specially designed internal condenser unit which utilises mains water in the same way that a washing machine or dishwasher does. Using this water in a very controlled manner to take the heat away, the condenser only utilises water when there is a cooling demand from the room being air conditioned.

So called because they are easily concealed, these invisible air conditioning solutions comprise of energy efficient DC inverter condensers, which are exclusive to Cool You UK, and are fitted internally within your property. These replace the conventional outside condenser, whilst offering the same quality and performance of air conditioning.

Providing excellent performance, versatility and stylish room unit options which are not immediately visible, these single and multi-split systems do not require an outdoor unit.

Unobtrusive design

An ideal solution for listed buildings, Cool You invisible air conditioning solutions are specifically designed for residential apartments within these buildings. However they also make an ideal solution for houses, small offices and shops where there are planning restrictions or you need to protect their historic facades, so are required to choose an air conditioning solution which is unobtrusive.

Due to their unobtrusive design, they also make an ideal solution for retro installing in new build apartments, as there is always space for one of our small and easily concealed internal condensers

Our invisible air conditioning solutions are ideal for multiple rooms, with individual controls for each room unit. We offer a range of internal condensers, including an advanced single box multi-split condenser for cooling up to three rooms.

How we conceal our air conditioning condenser units

So that our air conditioning solutions can be considered invisible, we creatively conceal the condenser units within your property.

Creative ways we have concealed condenser units include:

  • Hidden away within a cupboard
  • Installed alongside a washing machine in a utility room
  • Installed in a basement
  • Installed within a seating area in an apartment

Discover our other air conditioning solutions.

  • air-conditioning-listed-buildings
  • DC Inverter Internal Air Conditioning Systems

    • Quiet operation
    • Energy saving / high efficiency
    • Ecological R410a refrigerant
    • Compact design, making it easy to conceal within your property
    • Optimal solution for listed buildings and homes in conservation areas
    • We Offer a Range of Internal Condensers, Including an Advanced Single Box Multi-Split Condenser For Cooling up to Three Rooms

    Supplied and installed from £4,650 + VAT per room



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