Air conditioning
solutions for Architects

“I haven’t tried the system in earnest yet, but as far as the installation goes I was very, very pleased. Alek and his team did a fantastic job – the installation is very neat, tidy and professional! I
I can’t wait to try the system a bit more when it’s getting warmer – I don’t dread the hot summer months anymore!”
Kim B (Elephant and Castle)

Information for architects, contractors and interior designers about air conditioning solutions that don’t require an external condenser

If you are an architect working on the redesign, remodelling or renovation of a property, where installing air conditioning is an issue, we are here to help.

At Cool You UK, we specialise in installing air conditioning in properties which are listed, in conservation areas or simply lacking in space.

Regardless of the planning restrictions, the property’s listed status, its conservation area location, or the time and cost it may take to obtain the appropriate licenses for installing an air conditioning system with an outside condenser, we can 100% guarantee an air conditioning solution for the property you are working on.

To do this, we offer a free, no-obligation site survey with all of our air conditioning solutions in London.

The Process

The process will always begin with an initial discussion with either Julian Peyser, our managing director, or our senior technical solutions engineer. At this stage, we will discuss your plans to understand the options available.

1. Outline Proposal / Solution
We will outline the best possible solutions for the property and provide you with an idea of the budget needed for the project and the installation timescale.
2. Free, No Obligation Site Survey
When you are ready, we will then conduct a free, no obligation site survey with you. Depending on the stage of the project, this can either be an initial walk-round or a more detailed site survey.

By doing this, we will determine the most suitable places to site the internal condensers and fan coils for each space to be air-conditioned. The survey will always be at no cost to you, nor your client, and will be completely without obligation.

Whichever option we agree is best for the property, we can 100% guarantee an air conditioning solution and will always ensure all costs are completely transparent.

3. Project Given Go-ahead
Once the project is given the go-ahead, we will arrange for the specified air conditioning systems to be built. These are generally bespoke and manufactured specifically for your project.

4. First and Second Fix
Once we have a confirmed delivery date for the systems, we will then agree on a date with yourself to commence first fix and additional fixes as required.

5. Completion and Client Handover
Should our installations be completed well before the client handover, as is often the case, we will return to provide a final test and demonstrate how to use the air conditioning. We will then sign off an ongoing agreement to maintain the systems with the client, either on a 6 month or a 12-month basis, dependent on usage.


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