Can wall mounted air con with no external unit help with allergies?

Can Wall Mounted Air Conditioning With No External Unit Help With Allergies?

Spring is finally here! We’re very excited about the promise of warm weather and the opportunity to install our wall mounted air con with no external unit in apartments all over London. We are dreading one thing that comes with a new season, though… allergies. Can air conditioning help with allergies?

Did you know that Cool You’s wall mounted air con with no external unit can actually help with allergies?

Everyone knows that the primary role of air conditioning is to cool down your flat or apartment. Those suffering from allergies can see an improvement.

A professionally installed fully internal unit will filter the air and remove impurities, dust and excess humidity, which causes mould and bacteria growth.

This leads to a healthier environment within your apartment.

Here is Savva in our video Can Air Conditioning Help With Allergies? explaining more on how our unique air con solutions can help with allergies:


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