Why Cool You systems are cooling only

Why Cool You Systems Are Cooling only

One of the most common queries people have when talking to us is in regards to the fact that Cool You systems are cooling only. 

It’s true that every solution offered by Cool You features a cooling function, so let’s look at the reasons for this in detail. 

The answer to this question is quite simple and revolves around the target market for Cool You products. 

Cool You Systems – Designed For London Apartments

Specifically, the solutions we have at Cool You are designed exclusively for the London apartment market. We have gone to great lengths to determine this market’s particular needs.

After extensive market surveys for the London region, we found that apartment owners do not desire a heating function from their system. 

Many of our customers rarely even switch on their own central heating systems. So having an additional heater in the home wouldn’t serve any purpose. 

We put a lot of work into our market research. We aim to deliver the very best internal air conditioning solutions and services for our customers. 

Savva explains more in the video below:


Keeping Your Apartment Warm In London Is Generally Not A Problem

The London climate is generally warmer than other parts of the UK. 

It is situated deep in the south of the country, where the difference in distance to the planet’s equator has a significant impact in relation to, say, Inverness in Scotland. 

Temperatures in the north rarely climb as high as the top temperatures in the south. The south’s lows are rarely as extreme as those in the north. 

Furthermore, with London being such a built-up, urban environment, it tends to generate a lot of warmth. This is why even other areas in the south of England can’t usually achieve summer temperatures as high as London’s. 

In the capital, it isn’t as cold as elsewhere in the UK. Heating isn’t as much of a priority.

Another critical factor is that in London apartments, the buildings are regularly built with highly efficient insulation. This keeps warmth inside the flat or apartment and reduces the need to turn the heating on. 

Furthermore, when neighbouring apartments turn their heating on, the warmth they generate helps increase the overall temperature in the building. This further reduces the need for others to heat their apartments. 

In short, even in the winter, people in London apartments are warm enough. So a heating function isn’t necessary for Cool You solutions.

With these facts in mind, it makes sense that our research has led us to the conclusion that it is appropriate that Cool You systems are cooling only.

Residents in London apartments are far more likely to suffer from high temperatures than low ones. A cooling system will help keep people comfortable in their day-to-day lives in The Big Smoke. 

Our focus is on helping our customers to live comfortably. We want to offer that service to the most significant number of people possible.

The Cool You Difference

There’s no denying that London can have days or short periods in the winter months when it does feel freezing. People do turn their central heating systems on for a time. 

A cooling function in your Cool You system would provide an alternative way to heat the apartment. Even heating a single room helps you feel toasty and warm.

The drawback is that it would make every Cool You solution more expensive and less energy efficient.

As it stands, when you buy a Cool You solution, you are getting an A++-rated product for energy efficiency. You are getting it at an affordable price. This wouldn’t be possible if the unit also incorporated a rarely-used heating function. 

Energy efficiency is growing in importance throughout the nation. More and more people are becoming aware of the devastating impact of inefficient energy use on our environment. 

In this climate, it would be counterproductive for people to start using unnecessary heating methods in addition to the ones they already have. 

The way we like to think of it at Cool You is that cooling only makes our solutions:

  • Small
  • Compact
  • Energy efficient

Nobody wants a clunky, overpriced system installed that incorporates functions you never (or rarely) have a reason to use. 

We like to focus on stripping away all the unnecessary afterthoughts to deliver the primary function that our target market needs. 

And what residents in London apartments need is air conditioning to take the edge off the heat that builds in flats throughout the year.

Even during the winter months, many of our customers complain that their apartments are too hot.

Those who only installed an AC during the summer have surprised themselves by switching it on all year round to keep the apartment temperature and overall environment consistent. 

Our units also have dehumidifying features that are excellent during the winter to keep the air crisp and clean.

If you suffer from hay fever and allergies, our internal solutions also clean and filter impurities from the air.

Combined, these features prove that air conditioning is necessary no matter the season, especially when apartment owners already have heating systems.

If you have any further questions about Cool You’s innovative internal systems, please don’t hesitate to contact Cool You today. 

Our friendly, helpful customer service team are waiting for your call and will be happy to help in any way they can.