Don’t let warm temperatures sneak up on you

It’s probably because we are not used to such glorious weather. But as Brits, the warm temperatures of summer always seem to sneak up on us.

The heat waves we have seen in the last few years are the perfect example of this! It’s summer, so we should be expecting hot weather. Yet everyone you speak to will have some complaint about the heat.

And the biggest complaint is usually about the heat at night!

While people may not mind the heat in the day, the heat at night hits them. With the sweltering temperatures the UK has seen recently, you too, may have found it a struggle to sleep.

And it’s no surprise…it hit 35C today. It doesn’t exactly let up at night, either. Average temperature circling around the 20C mark as you sleep…or should that be a struggle to sleep?

So, what can you do about such heat?

Buying a fan is the obvious option. However, as soon as there is any slight mention of a heatwave, it’s panic stations and people up and down are clearing the shelves of them. While you may think that this doesn’t leave you with much, if any, choice, you are wrong.

Unlike a fan which will only provide slight relief from the heat, our innovative air conditioning solutions are designed to constantly maintain a cool and consistent temperature.

And because of their innovative design, they are easily fitted to all kinds of buildings – in particular listed buildings and apartments, where it is usually a struggle to get air conditioning fitted.

Don’t be fooled into thinking air conditioning is just for heat waves, though, our air conditioning solutions are perfect for keeping a consistent temperature in your home all year round.

Not only that, have them fitted now and you will be fully prepared for the next heat wave.

Find out more about them here.