5 Reasons Why Our Internal Air Con Systems Beat Competitors

5 Reasons Why Cool You Internal Air Con Systems Are Different From Our Competitors

Here at Cool You, we’ve been working for over 12 years on installing state-of-the-art internal air con systems in apartments around London.

Considering the financial commitment and expectations of long-term usage, it’s important to research the available options before purchasing a cooling system for your apartment.

You may have seen a few other competitors out there making the same claims and promises as us, but we are truly the specialists when it comes to internal air conditioning. Nobody else on the market can compete with what we do.

Savva explains why our internal air con systems are the best in our latest video:

These are the top five reasons why Cool You is the best option for internal air con systems in London:

Our Internal Air Con Systems are exclusively designed for you

Nobody else on the market has our technology, because we have an exclusive contract with the manufacturer. Our small, silent condensers are only used by us. We’ve made sure there is no branding on the wall units so they will perfectly blend in with your decor, and our systems are completely internal to fully comply with building regulations.

Cool You Internal Air Con Systems are the most energy efficient in the market

Unlike our competitors, our systems are built to the highest, most recent efficiency specifications. Meeting the 2018 efficiency standards for the compressor, fan coil and waterslide guarantee our systems are always operating at peak performance with the minimum output.

Cool You Internal Air Con Systems are Tried and Tested

When designing our systems, we looked at the full range of products from our competitors and implemented the best features and components, including Panasonic and Mitsubishi DC Inverter Technology. Using the latest technology available, Cool You can offer the most reliably efficient internal cooling systems on the market today.

We stand by our Systems

We’re so confident that you’ll love our solutions, that we now offer a full five-year warranty for parts and labour. For those who require extra assurance, we can offer at a small annual charge a maintenance contract to ensure that your unit is operating at peak efficiency for many years to come.

On standby 24/7

As part of our service, we offer support twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week in the event of a problem or query. Within two hours of your call, either Cool You’s technical director, install engineer or managing director will respond with advice to solve your issue or book a service at your convenience.

By implementing the best parts and features, testing them against the competition, and by honouring our commitment to our clients with twenty-four-hour support, and a five-year warranty, we can confidently say that only Cool You can offer a quiet, discrete and fully interior cooling solution designed specifically for you and your property.

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